Teaching Materials

Class structured debate surrounding  Juristic Personhood
This lesson plan was used in Central Questions in Islam in the Fall of 2017.

Princess Malak’s 20th century palace in Cairo Egypt which has since been turned into a school

In this class session two students presented their response papers in class on the legal concept of juristic personhood as well as their rebuttals while the rest of the class posed questions to them which the presenters had to rebut.

Annotation: this class activity involves designating two presenters who write a 800 word response paper on the designated readings for that week and in which they pre-circulate it to class. Each presenter is expected to present their response paper in seven-eight minutes at the beginning of the class that are followed by the next presenter. After the two presentations each presenter then closes by presenting a two-three minute response/rebuttal to the corresponding presentation.


Time Activity
4:00 (15 mts) Presentation of 2 response papers
4:15 (15 mts) Rebuttal of each presenter to the other
4:30 (15 mts) Open the floor for class discussion questions
4: 45 (20 mts) Filter out three guiding questions/assumptions from discussion and pose to students
5:05 (30 mts) Open the floor for class discussion of these three questions in relation to past weeks’ readings
5:35 (15 mts) Trace from these questions their relationship to next week’s readings and give them guiding questions for next week’s presenter
5:50 Class ends