Call for Nominations and Extended Application Deadline: History in Action Graduate Coordinator

The History in Action project is seeking a Graduate Coordinator for the Academic Year 2015-2016.  The HIA project is funded by the AHA-Mellon Career Diversity pilot program.  

Faculty are encouraged to nominate interested and promising candidates.

This position is a great opportunity for a graduate student interested in the role of historians in public discourse and in developing effective career diversity strategies and training for PhD students.  The position offers the chance to liaise regularly with AHA staff, publish on the AHA Today blog, and network with future HIA guest speakers. More importantly, the graduate coordinator has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the discourse on the themes addressed by the AHA-Mellon Career Diversity pilot program, as well as to shape the nature of the graduate community’s involvement in the HIA project.  

The position involves working with the HIA faculty director, the faculty coordinators, and department staff to develop, shape, and run the various initiatives of the HIA project in the department. There is the added perk of funded travel to various AHA/Mellon sites and initiatives.

The position replaces two terms of Teaching Assistantship, so applicants must have at least two terms of teaching obligation remaining in their funding; normally these will be students in years G2 through G5 (Note: this position cannot be held during a dissertation fellowship year; it will not extend student funding, nor does it make possible additional support for students who have exhausted funding).  Workload guidelines are the same as those for a Teaching Assistantship.

Responsibilities include:

  • organizing and managing the HIA III conference (January 21-22, 2016)
  • publicizing HIA programing and engaging the graduate community in the project
  • contributing to the HIA website as a moderator, contributing content to the website, affiliated social media, and the AHA Today blog
  • participating in selection of HAPA and HARA grants

Applicants should submit a CV and cover letter to no later than Wednesday, April 15, 2015.