In addition to conducting research and finding solutions to complex public health problems, GHRCCA provides training and capacity building to local NGOS to improve their ability to respond to the needs of the populations and constituencies they serve.

Education and Mentorship

The education component of Global Health Center of Central Asia’s work includes student exchange programs, mentorships, and faculty visits from Columbia University and Central Asia. The Center conducts research trainings for its government and university partners on various public health and social challenges. Its educational goals include: Advancing the development of curriculum on epidemiology, prevention, treatment, and care of global health problems at universities in Central Asia, promoting short- and long-term exchanges of faculty, researchers, and students, thus building multidisciplinary, academic partnerships among universities in Central Asia, encouraging the development of social work as a profession in Central Asia and to advance the field of international social work at the Columbia School of Social Work.

Capacity Building

Global Health Research Center of Central Asia work to strengthen the ability of university partners and service organizations for research and evaluation. Highlights include: Collaborations with partners and affiliates whose specializations in a wide range of sectors and subjects enhance the scope of knowledge and ability in studies related to global health issues, a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses a variety of subjects from medicine to the social sciences, and organizing exchanges of faculty, researchers, students, and technological resources with partners and affiliates, These capacity building endeavors synergistically improve heath and services for vulnerable populations around the globe.

Training Aims

(РУССКИЙ) GHRCCA aims to build a sustainable Central Asia infrastructure and scientific capacity to conduct rigorous research that will inform policies and programs to reverse the tide of HIV and co-occurring epidemic, increase the number of funded research scientists and faculty in Central Asia conducting epidemiological, behavioral, and social science research on global health issues, and  Provide technical assistance and administrative support for funded research on global health issues to advance Center faculty and researcher affiliates’ knowledge.

Колумбийский университет Центр Изучения Глобального Здоровья в Центральной Азии нацелен на: создание устойчивой инфраструктуры и научного потенциала Центральной Азии для проведения тщательного исследования, результаты которых будут использованы при формировании политики и программ с целью прекращения роста ВИЧ и сопутствующих эпидемий, увеличение числа ученых и преподавателей в Центральной Азии, получающих гранты на проведение эпидемиологических, поведенческих и социальных исследований по глобальным вопросам здоровья, а также оказывать техническую помощь и административную поддержку финансируемых научных исследований по глобальным вопросам здоровья с целью углубления знаний преподавателей Центра и филиалов исследователей.