GHRCCA’s research is primarily funded by the National Institute of Health. Our research is essential to developing and advancing effective approaches to reversing the exponential growth of HIV and co-occurring epidemics in Central Asia.

Maximizing public health impact

The Center’s core activities are outcome-driven and designed to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations in Central Asia. Through its active crosscutting partnerships among key players from government, NGOs, and academic institutions, the Center translates research into policies and programs that reduce health disparities.

Advancing an interdisciplinary global approach

The Center brings together faculty and researchers from different disciplines at Columbia University and in the region to generate innovative, scientific, and pragmatic solutions to challenging health and social problems. This interdisciplinary approach is also aimed at advancing knowledge and curriculum on these issues

Shifting from a national to a global health focus

The huge impact of mass migration, drug trafficking, and increased mobility of epidemics in the Central Asia region demands global solutions that go beyond borders. The Center’s regional network of partnerships brings together leaders and multidisciplinary experts who can work together to develop and scale up effective solutions to challenging global health problems.

Building a regional research infrastructure and scientific capacity

Through its core activities and funded research, the Center aims to advance scientific capacity in Central Asia and the surrounding region, and develop a sustainable regional research infrastructure that will be equipped to address emerging global health threats of the millennium.

Policy and Dissemination

GHRCCA collaborates with government, international, and local non-governmental organizations partners to implement evidence-based, sustainable solutions into policies, programs, and systems of care. Policy and dissemination work will focus on advancing evidence-based research and research science training in the Central Asia region. Through education, trainings, presentations and meetings, GHRCCA staff, affiliates and partners have the opportunity to share knowledge, lessons learned, and next steps.