Open Stage

Open Stage (not open mic, because there are no microphones!) at Postcrypt happens approximately once a month (the first Saturday of the month). The stage is open for musicians, comedians, storytellers, poets, or anything else you can think of. Performers are generally limited to two songs or 10 minutes. An impressive showing at the open stage can lead to a booking on a regular night at the coffeehouse.

 Here are the rules for Open Stage:

  • The building opens at 8:00PM, and that’s when signup starts!
  • The first 15 names will be chosen to perform that night.
  • There is only ONE signup sheet, and it will be started by the manager that night.
  • Open Stage runs from 8:30PM to 11:30, and we will not go past 11:45 under any circumstances!

 There is always a large crowd for Open Stage. Unfortunately, there are only around 16-18 slots per night, so please understand that not everybody who comes hoping to perform will get a time slot. If you do not get a time slot, we welcome you to listen to and enjoy the great music of local musicians, and to come back to another Open Stage night!

(Photo by Pete Shawhan, class of 1975)

(Photo by Pete Shawhan, class of 1975)