This Week @ The Crypt! Hi Folksy Friends, THIS IS THE LAST WEEKEND FOR FOLK THIS SEMESTER! IF YOU’VE BEEN MEANING TO COME TO CRYPT COME ON BY! As we mentioned last week we have partnered up with the RAs at East Campus in order to work with the money […]


Hi Folksy Friends, We have some updates that are quite important so stay tuned!We will not be having a show this Friday! Initially, this was planned because we thought FolkFest would be happening during the day. However, due to our continued attempts to pay artists more throughout the school year, we simply did […]

4/20-4/21 Shows!

Hi Folksy Friends, Since last week we were not able to have our monthly Open Mic night, we will be having it THIS FRIDAY! Sign up begins at 8:15 PMso make sure to swing by early to ensure your spot. Saturday we are back to our usual programming with THREE GREAT ACTS! All in […]

4/13-4/14 SHOWS!

Hi Folksy Friends, A change in programming this week so heads up! Due to Bacchanal being this Saturday, we will not be having shows Saturday night! We hope you all have a safe and responsible Bacchanal and catch up on some sleep after a long day of music! As for Friday we still have three […]

4/6-4/7 shows!

Hi Folksy Friends, Did you miss us? Cause we missed you! Two weeks without the crypt can feel like a lifetime, but thankfully we are BACK with two back to back days of amazing shows lined up for you all! So grab a friend, a lover, an arch nemesis or […]

3/23-3/24 Shows!

Hi Folksy Friends, Hope midterms don’t have you too down, and if they do, a musical cure might be just what Health Services would recommend to perk you back up! Join us this Friday for some LAUGHS at our world-renowned Comedy Night, and Saturday for some sweet sweet tunes in the form our classic three-act night! Bring […]

4/22-4/23 Shows!

Hi Folksy Friends, We hope y’all are having a great week and are excited to see three amazing artists this FRIDAY and SATURDAY! It’s a classic weekend at the crypt, so make sure to bring some friends and take some refuge from the cold in our crypt for a while!  See you then, […]

2/9-2/10 Shows!

This Week @ The Crypt! Hi Folksy Friends,  We hope y’all are having a great week and are excited to see three amazing artists this FRIDAY and our first OPEN MIC this Sat! Sign-ups start at 8:15 and as always, first come first serve so make sure to get there early and reserve your spot! See […]

2/2-2/3 Shows!

Hi Folksy Friends! After a refreshing winter break hiatus, the Crypt is back and better than ever! We’ve got two days of back to back shows for you and a lot of love in our hearts. Join us for a weekend procrastination session in the beautifully cozy corner that is […]

We Back! 1/26-1/27 Shows!

Facebook Twitter Website Instagram This week at the Crypt Hi Folksy Friends! We’re Back! Join us for the second to last weekend of the semesterTHIS Friday and Saturday! Make sure to get your Postcrypt fix before finals hit! This Friday will be our classic round of 3 great artists and this Saturday will be Open Mic! […]

12/1- 12/2 Shows!