IPWSD 2013: Program

Friday, April 12th:

9:00-9:30: Registration – International Affairs Building (IAB), Outside Room 417 (4th Floor)
9:30-10:30: Keynote Speaker: Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of The Earth Institute
10:30-11:00: Tea/coffee break
11:00-12:30: Sessions 1 and 2 (Fayerweather 310, 313)

  • Session 1: Water Conservation
  • Session 2: Urban Planning

12:30-2:00: Lunch (to be provided by IPWSD3)
2:00-3:30: Sessions 3 and 4 (Fayerweather 310, 313)

  • Session 3: Agriculture
  • Session 4: Conservation and Biodiversity

3:30-4:00: Tea/coffee break
4:00-5:30: Sessions 5 and 6 (Fayerweather 310, 313)

  • Session 5: Disasters
  • Session 6: Health

7:00PM-9:00PM Speakers’ reception (drinks and light food will be served), Havana Central, Upper West Side, 2911 Broadway (and West 114th)

Saturday, April 13th:

9:00-9:30: Bagels and tea/coffee – IAB 4th Floor (near 402B, 405A)
9:30-11:00: Sessions 7 and 8 (IAB 402B & 405A):

  • Session 7: Climate Change
  • Session 8: Frameworks of Sustainable Development

11:00-11:30: Tea/coffee break
11:30-1:00: Sustainable Solutions Workshops (IAB 403)
1:00-2:30: Lunch (provided by IPWSD3)
2:30-4:00: Session 9 and 10 (IAB 402B & 405A):

  • Session 9: Forests
  • Session 10: Energy

4:00-4:30: Concluding Remarks (IAB 411)

Session Speakers

Session 1. Water Conservation

  • Fernando Borraz (University of the Republic Uruguay): Water nationalization and service quality

  • Simon Ndiritu (University of Gothenburg): Do we use combination of water tariff and refundable payments or rationing to allocate River water?

  • Ana Ramirez (University of Texas, Austin): Verification of Water Conservation Technology for Sustainable Rural to Urban Water Transfers

  • Wenchao Xu (Boise State University): Water Rights, Water Supply, and Agricultural Output under the Prior Appropriation Doctrine: A Case in Idaho

Session 2. Urban Planning

  • Paul Fenton (Linkoping University): What does literature on urban sustainability reveal about the study and practice of urban sustainability?

  • Kirsten Kinzer (University of Pennsylvania): Moving Sustainability Plan Implementation Past Common Barriers: The continued role for public participation

  • Oyebanke Oyelaran-Oyeyinka (Columbia University): Industrialization pathways to development: Industrial clusters, institutions and poverty eradication in Nigeria

  • Sainan Zhang (Arizona State University): Drivers and Consequences of Urbanization and Land Transformation in the Phoenix Region: Application of a Socio-ecological System Framework in Urban Studies

  • Xiaojia Zhong (Columbia University): The effects of driving restriction on traffic congestion and air quality in Beijing

Session 3. Agriculture

  • Nirupam Datta (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research): Evaluating the Impacts of Micro-Watershed Development Project on Cropping Activities in Bardhhaman, West Bengal

  • Allison Kelly (University of Washington): Comparing farmer perceived soil quality and measured soil quality in Tanzania: Is there a mismatch?

  • Kurt Waldman (Michigan State University): Combining participatory on-farm agronomic trials and experimental auctions to understand subsistence farmer preferences for improved varieties of common bean in Rwanda

Session 4. Conservation and Biodiversity

  • Jonathan Salerno (University of California, Davis): Human Migration, Protected Areas, and Conservation Outreach in Tanzania

  • Katie Goodall (University of Vermont): Patterns of biodiversity and farmer decision making in cooperatively managed coffee agroecosystems of Nicaragua

  • Hilary Faxon (Yale University): Waking the Watchdog: needs, opportunities, and challenges of environmental advocacy in modern Bhutan

  • James Rising (Columbia University): Estimating the global benefits of Marine Protected Areas

Session 5. Disasters

  • Laura Bakkensen (Yale University): Can We Detect an Adaptation Signal in Tropical Cyclone Damages and Fatalities?

  • Jennifer Helgeson (London School of Economics): Vulnerability to weather disasters: the choice of coping strategies in rural Uganda

  • Dilnoor Panjwani (University of British Columbia): Resettlement, Community Recovery and Human Development in Post-Tsunami Aceh, Indonesia (An Exploration of Five Cases)

  • Amir Jina (Columbia University): Long-term impacts of flooding in Bangladesh

Session 6. Health

  • Manuel Barron (University of California, Berkeley): Electrification, Kerosene Use, and Indoor Air Pollution: Evidence from Northern El Salvador

  • Katie Fiorella (University of California, Berkeley): The Case of Lake Victoria, Kenya: Are Food-Producing Livelihoods the Key to Improved Nutrition?

  • Emmanuelle Lavaine (Paris School of Economics): The price of health and pollution: an hedonic approach

  • Nicole Ngo (Columbia University): It’s getting hot in here:  The relationship between temperature and fetal health

  • Jan von der Goltz & Prabhat Barnwal (Columbia University): Mines – the Local Welfare Effects of Mineral Mining in Developing Countries

Session 7. Climate Change

Session 8. Frameworks of Sustainable Development

  • Lorenzo Cerda (University Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne): Finding a Green Nudge: An Evolutionary Perspective

  • Sarah Kleinman (Oxford University): Understanding Change and Sustainability in International NGOs
  • Phillip Hannam (Princeton University): Theory of “club” agreements: The potential for the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to unlock global climate cooperation

  • Nathalia Escobar-Pemberthy (University of Massachusetts Boston): Closing the Implementation Gap in Global Environmental Governance: Understanding Country Needs and Obligations under Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Session 9. Forests

  • Marie-Luce BiaZafinikamia (Université Paris 1): Chinese investments in the forests of Gabon :  Assessing impacts on local livelihoods

  • Tim Holland (McGill University): Changing land markets on a forest frontier: A challenge for forest conservation in the selva alta of Peru.

  • Baruani Mshale (University of Michigan): The Global in the Local, the Past in the Present: Communities and REDD+ Negotiations in Tanzania.

  • Ariela Zycherman (Columbia University): Forests, Food and Cash: Complexities of Logging in the Bolivian Amazon

Session 10. Energy

  • Omar Asensio (University of California, Los Angeles): Behavioral Field Experiments in Energy Conservation

  • Etienne Espagne (Centre D’Analyse Strategique): The leverage effect of a non-conventional monetary policy on the financing of the energy transition: a DSGE approach

  • Chantal Toledo (University of California, Berkeley): Do Environmental Messages Work on the Poor? Experimental Evidence from Brazilian Favelas

  • Belinda Archibong (Columbia University): On Spatial Correlation of Electricity, Health and Water Access in Nigeria

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