IPWSD 2012: Program


The IPWSD Program is now available!  The workshop schedule is below, immediately followed by specifics on the speaker sessions (including session topics & assignments of speakers to particular sessions).

Directions/Maps to Event Locations:

Columbia University Campus Maphere.

The International Affairs Building (IAB) is located on the corner of 118th Street and Amsterdam Avenue here.

Faculty House Directions and Maphere.

IPWSD Schedule:

Date: Friday 20th April 2012

8.00-8.30am                       Registration, IAB (International Affairs Building) 4th floor (outside 417) 

8.30-9.00am                       Opening remarks, IAB 417 (Altschul)

  • Professor John Mutter, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science; Director of Graduate Studies, PhD in Sustainable Development

9.00-10.00am                     Keynote address, IAB 417 (Altschul)

  •  Keynote speaker: Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, and Professor of Health Policy and Management, Columbia University

10.00-10.30am                   Tea/coffee break

10.30-11.30am                   Panel Discussion, IAB 417 (Altschul)

  • A  conversation about “Frontiers in Sustainable Development research” moderated by Solomon Hsiang (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Science, Technology & Environmental Policy, Princeton University)
  • Panel speakers:
  1. Laurence Tubiana, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), Paris; Sciences Po-Columbia Alliance Visiting Professor
  2. Suresh Naidu, Assistant Professor in Economics and International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
  3. Alissa Park, Lenfest Junior Professor in Applied Climate Science, Associate Director of Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, Columbia University

11.30am-1.00pm                Lunch

1.00-3.00pm                       Speaker sessions 1 & 2, Hamilton 516, 517

3.00-3.30pm                       Tea/coffee break

3.30-5.30pm                       Speaker sessions 3 & 4, Hamilton 516, 517

7.00-9.00pm                       Speakers’ Reception (Drinks and light food will be served), Faculty House

Date: Saturday 21st April 2012

8.00-8.30am                       Tea/coffee

8.30-10.30am                     Speaker sessions 5 & 6, IAB 410, 411

10.30-11.00am                   Tea/coffee break

11.00am-1.00pm                Speaker sessions 7 & 8, IAB 410, 404

1.00-2.30pm                       Lunch

2.30-4.30pm                       Speaker sessions 9 & 10, IAB 410, 404

4.30pm-                              Concluding remarks, IAB 410


Session details:

Session 1Policy-Making for SD 1.00-3.00pm, Hamilton 516 

1) Asmamaw Tadege Shiferaw (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) – Front-End Governance of Public Investment Projects: The Dutch Experience for Sustainable Development

2) Maya Papineau (University of California, Berkeley) – Energy standards and the landlord tenant problem

3) Marisa Camargo (University of Helsinki) – Climate change and sustainability: integrating the private sector in REDD+

4) Dung Doan (Australian National University) – Revisiting the relationship between targeting and program performance


Session 2Technology Adoption 1.00-3.00pm, Hamilton 517

1) Bernabas Wolde (Montclair State University) – Determinants of voluntary environmentally sound technologies’ adoption and an assessment of dynamic inconsistency in adoption decision in Ethiopian industry

2) Karin Dobernig (University of Vienna) – Green neuroeconomics: the potential for neuroscience to inform the study of sustainable consumption

3) Giovanna Sacchi (University of Bologna) – Participatory guarantee systems for organic food: an intervention on consumer’s willingness to buy

4) Inna Platonova (University of Calgary) – Development Partnerships and Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies in Developing Countries: Exploratory Study in Costa Rica and Peru


Session 3Decision-Making Structures 3.30-5.30pm, Hamilton 516 

1) Judith Bretthauer (VU University Amsterdam) – When does resource scarcity lead to conflict? A qualitative comparative analysis of the political, economic and social conditions in causal pathways to conflict.

2) Danya Lee Rumore (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – Water Games: Teaching Water Diplomacy through Role-Play Simulations

3) Xiaojia Bao (Columbia University, SD) – The cost of bureaucracy on governmental responsiveness in China

4) Geoff McCarney (Columbia University, SD) – Climate Risk, Production Shocks & Credit Access for Smallholder Farmers in Africa: How index insurance affects risk and incentives in rural credit markets.


Session 4Adaptation 3.30-5.30pm, Hamilton 517

1) Meha Jain (Columbia University, Ecology) – Framework for Analyzing Adaptation in Agricultural Systems

2) Stefano Moncada  (University of Malta) – Aid to Adapt – The Role of EU Overseas Development Assistance in Climate Change Adaptation of Small Island Developing States

3) Dipti Ranjan Mahapatra (Brookhaven National Laboratory) – How Sustainable is India’s Energy System? –  Policy Analysis from a Life-Cycle and Modeling Perspective

4) Jagadish Thaker (George Mason University) – Role of Collective Efficacy in Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Development in India


Session 5Agriculture 8.30-10.30am, IAB 410 

1) Andrew Crane-Droesch (University of California, Berkeley) – Biochar in Western Kenya I: Effect on Yield Under Smallholder Management

2) Ari Novy (Rutgers University) – Balancing Agricultural Development Resources: Are GM and Organic Agriculture in Opposition in Africa?

3) Stephan Dietrich (University of Gottingen) – Impact of insurance on small scale farmers: a natural experiment.

4) Amir Jina (Columbia University, SD) – Problematic perceptions: Do farmers in developing countries accurately perceive climatic changes?


Session 6Energy Systems 8.30-10.30am, IAB 411

1) Alberto La Madrid (Cornell University) – Customer participation in energy markets with renewable sources of energy

2) Alka Sapkota (UNEP-Tongji Institute, Shanghai) – Renewable Energy Technologies at the interface of energy security and climate change adaptation in Nepal: Micro hydro as best sustainable supplement option for Long term adaptation planning

3) Nicola Favretto (University of Leeds) – Unpacking the key policy and livelihood challenges in the cultivation of energy crop Jatropha curcas: lessons from Mali

4) TBA


Session 7Land-use, Forests, Ecosystems 11.00am-1.00pm, IAB 404

1) Salla Rantala (Harvard University, University of Helsinki) – Equity, effectiveness and legitimacy in Community-Based Forest Management: evidence from Tanzania

2) Georgina Cullman (Columbia University, Ecology) – Land use values in the periphery of a protected area in northeastern Madagascar: perspectives from conservation practitioners and local residents

3) Diego Herrera Garcia (Duke University) – Brazilian Amazon Protected Areas’ Forest Spillovers: ‘blockage’ as another avenue for frontier impacts?

4) Matthew Fagan (Columbia University, Ecology) – Assessing forest protection and PES policies in a deforested landscape in northern Costa Rica


Session 8Planning and Urban Development 11.00am-1.00pm, IAB 411

1) Ralph Rosado (University of Pennsylvania) – What Will the Neighbors Say?  How Differences in Planning Culture Yield Distinctive Outcomes in Urban Redevelopment: The Example of the Community Benefits Agreement Trend in California and New York City

2) Kirsten Kinzer (University of Pennsylvania) – The Role of Public Participation in the Implementation of Local Government Sustainability Plans

3) Liou Xie (Arizona State University) – Sustainability Implications of Mass Rapid Transit on the Built Environment and Human Travel Behavior in Suburban Neighborhoods: The Beijing Case

4) Jie Pan (Global Environmental Facility) – Management of Wastes of Electric and Electronic Equipments and Sustainable Development


Session 9Equity and Justice 2.30-4.30pm, IAB 410

1) Sayeed S. Mohammed (Energy and Environment Research Institute, Qatar) – Cooperatives and Social Enterprises in Arab world

2) Leah Bevis (Cornell University) – Decomposing Intergenerational Income Elasticity: The contribution of intergenerational capital transfers in rural Philippines

3) Jessica Steinberg (University of Michigan) – Who Benefits from Natural Resource Extraction? The Importance of Strategic Bargaining

4) Dana Jackman (University of Michigan) – Climate Change as a Social Dilemma


Session 10Climate Change and Variability 2.30-4.30pm, IAB 404

1) Asher Siebert (Rutgers University) – Exploring the frequency of hydroclimate extremes on the Niger River using Monte-Carlo methods

2) Elisaveta Petkova (Columbia University, Public Health) – Heat-Related Mortality in the Urban Northeast

3) Jesse Anttila-Hughes (Columbia University, SD) – Long-term effects of fetal exposure to tropical cyclones in the Philippines

4) Kyle Meng (Columbia University, SD) – The differential impacts of climate and weather shocks


The Sustainable Development Doctoral Society is the official organization of the students in the Ph.D. Program in Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for this event: the Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) at Columbia University.

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