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What Makes for a Perfect Graduation Gift?

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment – and one that deserves to be celebrated with a gift. Whether you’re a family member recognizing one of your relatives, a fellow college student rewarding a colleague, or purchasing a graduation gift for yourself, you’ll have limitless options to choose from. 

But what makes for the perfect graduation gift? What steps can you take to ensure the person receiving it gets the most out of it? 

Don’t Worry About Cost or Value

First, don’t worry too much about cost or value. Depending on the source, you might read that you should spend a certain amount of money on a graduation gift – like $100. But the reality is, most graduates aren’t going to be looking at the price tag. They’re going to be more interested in the thought you put into the gift and how it makes them feel. 

Because of this, you could spend $10,000 on an extravagant gift that falls flat. Or you could spend $0 on a DIY craft project that lights them up for years to come. You might have a budget in place, in which case, you should adhere to it – but otherwise, don’t sweat how much you’re spending. 

Recognize the Achievement Itself 

Ideally, your gift should give some recognition to the achievement itself – graduating college. For example, you can purchase a personalized graduation plaque that celebrates the person graduating specifically. You could also create something or buy something that alludes to the graduation event (such as featuring a graduation cap, the graduation year, or other elements). This could serve to remind the graduating student of their accomplishments for years to come. 

Understand the Person Graduating 

When shopping for a gift or brainstorming, make sure you understand the person graduating as much as possible. Depending on the person, you may be able to use information about their personal interests, styles, and tastes to get something you know they’re going to love; for example, you might get them a piece of jewelry, a new electronic device, or something for the kitchen based on their cooking hobby. 

But this is also a good opportunity to consider this individual’s personality – and what type of gift they might prefer. Some people love experiences more than things, and would therefore prefer tickets to an event or a day trip over a tangible item that improves their life in some way. Some people like practical things more than superficial ones, so they’d rather get professional clothes than a new TV or speaker system. Some people like to be surprised while others prefer something predictable. And let’s face it – some people are going to specifically prefer cash over everything else. 

That doesn’t mean you have to comply with this person’s requests or preferences exactly, but you should have a working understanding of how they tick before you make a final commitment. 

Make It Personal 

No matter what you get for a graduation gift, you should try to make it personal. In some cases, you can do this directly, like by etching a person’s name into a plaque, or tailoring clothes to fit a person perfectly. In other cases, you’ll have to get more creative. For example, you can write a personal note on the item in question or modify the item in some way to appeal to this individual. If you’re coming up short on personalization ideas, just include a card and write something heartfelt in it. 

Avoid Clichés 

Somewhere along the line, Dr. Suess’s book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, went from being an occasional and interesting gift to a full-fledged meme. Every year, millions of high school and college graduates receive a copy of this book, which looks forward to a future full of possibilities. Cliché graduation gifts tend to be clichés for a reason; they’re popular and generic enough to appeal to a mass audience. But for the most part, you should avoid cliché gifts if you can. Try to get something they’re not going to get from half a dozen other people. 

Seek Recommendations From Others

If you’re really struggling to think of something to get the college graduate you have in mind, consider talking to their friends and family members. They may be able to point you in the right direction. Just try to keep things under wraps so you can present the gift as a genuine surprise. 

Don’t Overthink It

Finally, try not to overthink the process. There are thousands of potential gift ideas out there, if not millions, and all of them have the potential to make an impact on the person receiving them. As long as you’ve put in a bit of time and effort, and you’ve done something in the sincere interest of rewarding the person graduating, it’s going to be well received. 

Tips to unlock your company’s potential

Ask any business owner what their aims are for their company, and, chances are, they’ll reply with sustained growth and increased productivity. It’s the goal of pretty much all companies to produce the best products and services with the least outlay, thereby generating the greatest profit margin while still maintaining quality. 

However, while corporate aims are mostly universal and the goals sound relatively simple to achieve, very often, business owners find their firms getting stuck in a rut or stagnating with little in the way of expansion.
If this sounds familiar to your company, read on for a few tried and tested tips used by the professionals that have been proven to help companies grow and expand. 

Recognize your company’s greatest asset – and nurture it

It’s widely accepted among industry and HR professionals that a firm’s greatest asset is its staff – and if you can find ways to unlock your employee’s potential, you’ll already be a good way towards improving how your company operates. 

It’s an all-too-common problem among many bosses to just presume their employees share the same unerring enthusiasm and dedication for a company that they do. However, the truth is, workers are only human, and most need encouragement, recognition, and praise to give their best. 

To maximize the potential of your staff, you should try thinking about work from their perspective and offer incentives or rewards for their hard work. While a simple thank you or offer of time off will often work wonders, you should also consider implementing profit-sharing schemes, options to buy shares, or employee benefits systems. While it’s undoubtedly true most people don’t work solely for financial gain, rewarding your staff with monetary incentives can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. 

Don’t let the potential constraints of taking on new staff put you off expanding

Very often, firms strike upon ideas for expansion but hold back because they don’t currently employ the right staff and are worried that hiring new employees might stretch their available funds too much. However, in recent years, a burgeoning freelancing industry has developed across almost all sectors, allowing firms to take on new skilled workers at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time. 

If you’re looking for a sure-fire, cost-effective way to expand the range of services your firm provides, hiring freelancers could be your best option. These days, comprehensive Freelance management systems can be used to oversee your remote workers and can even help you look after the potential payroll, tax, and legal requirements involved in hiring contractors. 

Another advantage of working with freelancers is that they will often bring with them further skills in addition to their original remit, which could expand your services yet further. 

Embrace digitalization and increase automation

There’s little doubt about the effect computers and the internet have had on business in recent years; however, it’s worth remembering, these technologies are still in their relative infancy. For example, while it might be hard to believe, the commercial internet-only turns 30 this year, and most analysts suggest we’re just at the start of a very long journey in terms of how tech is changing the social and business landscapes of the future. Indeed, many experts suggest we’re in the throes of a fourth industrial revolution – a time when computers and machines come to rule the world and affect all aspects of our world. 

If your business is to remain competitive, it’s time you started taking advantage of the considerable cost, time, and resource savings that can be offered by integrating more technology into your firm. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already transforming many businesses, making them more proactive rather than reactive and streamlining all sides of their operations. The world is changing – so the quicker you change too, the better placed you’ll be to capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

Improve your firm’s online profile and realize the potential of web tech

Many would argue the internet has already become the most important and significant technology in the history of man, and the opportunities the web can bring to firms is beyond question. By promoting your company over the internet and increasing its online branding and exposure, you can effectively reach out to global markets and expand your customer base exponentially. 

However, as web technologies have continued to improve over the years, there are now increased opportunities for growth to be had from working more online. One example of this is Cloud computing technology which is transforming the modern workplace, allowing employees to work securely online, with all the added advantages that are brought from the integration of remote computing power and storage. Better yet, cloud services can be upscaled or downscaled in a matter of minutes, making your firm truly agile and able to react quickly to change. 

Writing a Successful Personal Essay

Penning down your thoughts is never that easy! There’s a lot of homework that you need doing in order to come up with something inspiring. Yeah, one of the most appealing kind of contents that most people love to read, and probably stay eager to know is the journey of your personal growth. Of course, this becomes even more interesting when it is real! 

You might have witnessed a lot of ups and downs in your life. All those hardships, appraisals, and downpours might have taught you a good number of lessons too! However, did you ever think that life is not just a straight path to walk upon, it is only through the experiences that you gather, which help you get going! 

Simultaneously, you should understand that your journey has got the potential to inspire a lot of other people too! It is only through your own story that you will teach them about the possible situations that you would come across, and the way you should be dealing with those hurdles, and thus, overcoming them one after the other. 

Before we start noting down the tips and tricks, let us have a clear idea about its significance. One of the biggest reasons may correspond to your college admission, scholarship application or may be, to demonstrate your candidature for a job. Well, if this is the first time that you have thought of writing a personal essay, here are a few tips to count on:

  • Preparation is a mandate! 

You cannot just hold the pen and start writing. This is simply not a possibility. Yeah, it is important to understand the nature of your audience at first, and what do they expect from you. Once you are sure about your goals, keep a notion relative to it in your content. Your tone of writing just fruitfully serve the purpose you own! 

  • Try to sound a bit engaging! 

It is you who should be deciding the style of your write-up. Note that your story must be relatively engaging to your audience. Even though you are sharing your life’s story, it should not be appearing a monologue. Your readers might find it interesting and engaging, for that is going to give them a touch base of your reality. If any incident left a lasting impression on your life ever since then, try to highlight that point. 

  • Organize your thought

Create an outline of your thoughts prior to penning them down. Indeed, this is a great way to organize your ideas. It is only when you create an outline that your points aren’t lost anywhere. Besides, your writing must follow an algorithm to prevent forming any mess. It is only when you are sure about where to start, and how to finish that your readers are going to get it right, as well as, find it worth reading too! 

  • Decide the notion of your essay

When you sit down to write a personal essay, be clear on your thoughts. You might have thought to share your experiences in life, and how you have toiled through different situations to finally get hold of the triumphs and accomplish the position where you are standing today! On the contrary, you can also share the story about how you have been earlier, and the way you changed yourself at a certain time. 

  • Determine the tone of your essay

You should be driving your readers only after you are sure about the tone of your essay. Since you are supposed to share a personal experience, it is none other than you who is going to determine whether you want to write it as a ‘look back’ to your past life, or may be, want to write it from a present point of view. 

  • Add a lesson to your story

Remember that the basic motif of you writing this personal essay is to inspire a few other people, and thus, it is extremely critical to come up with a moral. This is to ensure that your readers are able to fetch a lesson after they have had read the story. Consequently, it is only the entire content that is going to determine whether you could fruitfully conveyed the message that you have thought of! 

  • Take care of the grammar, and proofread

Yeah, grammar is absolutely critical! A lot of times, we skip checking the grammar of the writing, but that indicates our professionalism. Also, a reader will automatically lose interest if there are too many silly errors in the essay. Your sincereness depends on how conversational you present yourself to be! Try not to sound formal at all. It is usually recommended to write in an active voice, and proofread the whole draft prior to submission to avoid all sorts of minor mistakes. 

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R – India’s favourite hatchback?

Maruti Suzuki’s Wagon R has been making waves ever since its introduction in India. The first two generations of the car sold more than 2.2 million units, becoming one of India’s top-selling cars. Now, in its third-generation avatar, the model is India-specific. You do get WagonRs globally as well, but they all look different and have been engineered to meet those respective countries’ standards. For India, this WagonR has been tailored to meet our customer’s requirements, regulations and so on.

Like many other new Maruti Suzuki Cars, the current-generation Maruti Suzuki WagonR is based on the brand’s latest Heartect platform. The older versions of the Maruti Suzuki WagonR were built on the A platform that underpinned their kei compact cars made in Japan. The new platform proves to be beneficial when it comes to meeting crash test norms, better dynamics, more space and a lighter kerb weight.

The 1.0-litre three-cylinder K10 engine produces 67bhp and is the same unit from the older car, but has now been updated for better fuel efficiency. It is also offered with a bigger 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder K12 engine producing 81bhp, considered for customers who wanted a bit more pep. Both these engines come paired to a 5-speed manual and AMT gearboxes. The new WagonR has been priced competitively by Maruti Suzuki Cars.
The tall boy
The Maruti Suzuki WagonR retains its tall-boy look, but it now looks more proportionate, because it is longer, wider and the wheelbase is longer too. The new car is lighter than before. We also think it’s the most stylish of all the generations so far; it looks bigger with a rounded front-end and those large cubical headlamps. From the sides, it isn’t as slab-sided as the earlier models. The character line gets a sculpted look and wheel arches are flared nicely. This car also gets the floating-roof effect and its vertical tail lights look nice too. Alloy wheels can only be had as an option.
Practicality above all else
Stepping in and out of the car is easy and view out the cabin is good. The cabin is better built and gets a black and beige theme. The instrument cluster is new and features an integrated digital tachometer. The steering is from the Ignis, and we’re not complaining. Soft touch plastics are absent but the upper half of the dashboard has a premium feel to it, however, we don’t like the design very much because of its slab-like look. And then of course, you’ll see that there are lots of bits used from the Maruti parts bins. The front seats are bigger but don’t get any features. The front headrests are fixed too. The cabin is wider than before and that means three occupants will be comfy at the back. There’s plenty of headroom and legroom, but disappointingly, the rear headrests are fixed too. Practicality has always been the WagonR’s forte; you get 341 litres of boot space, a bigger glovebox, well sized door pockets and a few other cubby holes. Features-wise, the new Wagon R comes with Maruti’s new SmartPlay Studio infotainment system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, steering-mounted buttons for the infotainment system, dual airbags, ABS and rear parking sensors.
Peppy performer
We drove the WagonR with its 1.2-litre motor, which is known for its refinement. The new engine is more enthusiastic, picks up pace with ease and makes for a nice drive thanks to the peppy mid-range. It pulls well at any gear and any speed. It does, to an extent, feel sporty. The engine enjoys being revved and performance begins to feel brisk once you climb up the powerband. Put your foot down and the car happily zips away, but when you reach the limit, the engine gets vocal. Sound insulation needs to improve, but the manual ‘box is light and user-friendly. For a lot of you driving in the city, the AMT model makes a lot of sense, but isn’t as smooth as a torque-converter ‘box. However, once you reach the higher gears, it smoothens out, and when used in manual mode, it responds rather well. Stability at high speeds has improved; however, direction changes at high speeds result in the body moving around The steering doesn’t inspire confidence at high speeds, which brings it down to one thing: this is best used in the city. Ride quality is good and the suspension work quietly, but because of the lightweight build, noise from outside finds its way inside.  Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming cars, only at autoX.

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