Monthly Archives: December 2012

The mWater Approach

One NMTF member, 2nd year MPA-DP student Catilin Rackish, wrote up a summary of a digital brownbag we did with mWater early in the semester. We are sharing it here and are always open to sharing your reactions/posts on our site! Thanks Caitlin, take it away… NMTF Digital Brownbag: mWater Developing countries often find it difficult to regularly monitor and collect reliable data on water quality because of barriers such as lack of basic infrastructure, poor access to both analytical facilities and sampling locations, limited availability […]

Customizing and Sharing Google Maps

Now that the semester has finished, you may have some “free” time to play with your mapping and web-design skills. While we have discussed the 2012 Election maps and held trainings for TileMill and Crowdmap in the past, the best-known internet mapping platform continues to be Google Maps. These maps are not only really useful for directions or to play Fantasy Job Search, they are also highly customizable and easy-to-share. Here are two ways to share your Google Map with friends: 1. Customize and share your map […]