New Media Task Course(s)

Welcome back to another exciting year at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs! By now you probably have your schedule just about set, but in case you don’t (and with the confusing mixture of registration systems across campus, it is easy to understand why not), we have a few New Media and/or ICT type classes picked out for you! Find them here: Relevant Columbia Courses

And if you have taken a great class that would be of interest to the NMTF membership, let us know at [email protected] . Such courses may include: media policy, ICTs, GIS/mapping, media law, digital marketing, social media in social movements… whatever you think! We will add it to the list (you are welcome to include your comments/recommendations too)

Also, there are many distance learning options available. We recommend Code Academy for all of you wannabe coders out there. Coursera is an exciting new venture, with courses from some of the top universities nationwide. Meanwhile, Harvard, Berkeley and MIT are offering courses at edX. And if you are still struggling with basic math/calc/econ type concepts, there really is nothing better than Khan Academy!