Columbia Business School – Management Division

Managerial Negotiations – EMBA (Spring 2021, Spring 2022) – Instructor of Record

Managerial Negotiations – MBA (Spring 2020) – Instructor of Record

Columbia University – Psychology Department

Interpersonal Cognition Seminar (Spring 2019) –  Instructor of Record, Teaching Scholars Program

Introduction to Psychology (Fall 2018) – Head Teaching Assistant, Guest Lectures: Social Psychology Part I; Social Psychology Part II

Thinking and Decision-Making (Spring 2018) – Head Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Social Psychology (Fall 2016, Fall 2014) – Head Teaching Assistant, Guest Lecturer

Research Methods  (Spring 2016) – Teaching Assistant and Lab Section Instructor (2hr/weekly)

Introduction to Social Cognition (Spring 2014) – Teaching Assistant


Throughout my time at Columbia, I have mentored five honors students, over ten supervised individual thesis students, and over thirty-five research assistants, many of whom have presented their work with me at international academic conferences and have been accepted to highly competitive PhD programs in Psychology, Management, and Marketing.