On Torghut-Tibetan relationships in the 18th Century (in Japanese)


Ling-Wei Kung, “The Networks between Oyirad Yeke Küriye, Tibet, and the Qing Dynasty: A Study on Tibetan Documents Found in Xinjiang Recently” (18世紀におけるオイラト=イフフレー・チベット・清朝間のネットワーク ──新疆新発見のチベット語文書を中心に). Translated by Nobuaki Murakami. Quaestiones Mongolorum Disputatae 13 (2017): 11-24.

Full-text access: https://columbia.academia.edu/LingWeiKung

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Ling-Wei Kung

PhD Candidate in History and East Asian Studies, Columbia University

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