Introduction to Networks

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    • How can 2 computers talk to each other? 
      • through network
      • most people buy a wireless router to connect  things together
  • LAN = Local Area Network
      • combination of router, computer systems, wireless router
  • NIC = Network Interface Card
      • ear and mouth of a computer: receive and transmit information
  • WAN = Wide Area Network
      • connect networks across multiple cities, countries, etc;
      • to connect network in buildings and different floors (creating a small WAN): 
        • connect all systems on a floor with a router
        • connect all floors in a building with another router
  • Mac Address
      • how computers identify or communicate with each other
      • unique to each computer’s network interface card
      • format: 00:00:AB:13:5A:2C, or 0000.AB13.5A2C
        • represented in hexadecimals
        • 6 bytes long, 48 bits
    • Computer’s Communicating
      • computers share a medium
  • Collision Detection/Avoidance
    • originally: A talks to B, while B is talking to A, then there is interference and A’s message to B is lost
    • now: before C sends data to A, sees if there is a conversation going on with A, and only sends when A is free

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