How the Internet Works

In order to learn more about Internet Protocol and networks for more work this summer, I have been doing some research and learning around how the Internet Works. I came across this amazing video that explains in very clear terms how the internet works and I thought it was really interesting, so I took some notes and decided to share it here:

How the Internet Works

    • internet = wire
      • can be underground or satellite
    • servers are special computers connected directly to internet
      • servers can communicate with other servers connected to internet
      • webpages are files on server’s hard drive wire
    • every server has a unique internet protocol address/IP address
      • help computers find each other 
      • IP addresses given domain names to make it more easy to remember/access
        • ->
    • computer is not a server because it is not connected directly to the internet (called a client)
      • connected indirectly to internet with internet service provider (ISP)
  • client connects with ISP with DSL = Digital Subscriber Line
  • is a server and a ISP 
  • sending an email to someone using
    • from computer client > connect to ISP with DSL > connect to > once sent > sends it to [email protected] > next day someone can dial into and view it
  • when email/picture/webpage travels through internet, computer breaks down information into packets, and packets are reassembled on the receiving end
  • IP address and routers 
    • prevents what happens on your computer to appear on others computers
    • anywhere 2 or more of the internet intersects, a router directs your packets around the internet
    • every time you visit a website, there can be up to 10-15 routers helping you reach it
      • packet you send is like a candy wrapped in different layers
      • 1st layer: your computer’s IP address > your computer sends packet to router which adds its own IP address > each time packet sent to a new router a new layer of IP address is added until it reaches the server
      • when server sends back information, creates packets with identical wrapping > as packets make it back to your computer, each router unwraps a layer so it knows what IP address to send the packet to next to reach the right destination

The video:


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