Things I learned (TIL #1)

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The end goal of highschool was college.

Now that I’m in college I feel lost and I don’t know what I’m shooting for anymore. Days and nights consist of me just working on psets and programming assignments and more psets. I don’t have time (or have the illusion that) I don’t have time for things that I’ve always wanted to pursue in other fields. They say that if you improved just 1% of yourself everyday then you would have improved yourself by 356% the whole year and I’ve been telling myself this since highschool but still every year I end without even completing half of my goals.  I want to learn and grow, but ironically, it feels as if all the work I am getting at college just stems this. Sometimes I go to bed thinking about the day and not sure what exactly I accomplished and learned and feeling lost.

So, as an attempt to cure this and give myself some direction, I’m going to start something called “Things I learned” or TIL on this blog where each day I’ll talk about what I learned in that day. It could be something academic relating to my studies or it could be just a general “concept” I learned. So at least I’ll go to sleep every night feeling that I did learn/grow myself in some way.

So, here goes:

TIL #1:

1. Python:

importing the itertool function in python allows us to use the itertool.permutation(list) function which prints out all the different permutations in a list (the list items in all possible different orders)

I think this is pretty cool because listing out all different combinations of orders would take n! time and isn’t an easy algorithm to write. This function in particular really comes in handy when trying to analyze the all the different paths from city to city while hitting each city (the infamous  hard/inefficient problem/algorithm in programming)

2.  Life:

I realized that you can go to the Halal carts and have them remake your gyro chicken if they originally made it with the wrong sauce (in my case it was hot sauce so I could not eat it at all).

3. Life:

Never trust anyone with too pretty of a face.


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