VR Speaker

VR Speaker Presentation: Ink Stories

VR Game:

  • 1979 Revolutionary Game:

Interactive/Gestural agency

You will be asked questions

To answer them, nod yes/no

You can youse connect (Xbox?) to do animation/motion capture for avatars

Goals for VR Experiences

  • Immersive VR perceptually surrounds the user, increasing his/her sense of presence or actually being within it
  • Interactive VR gives participants agency within the immersive world–so they can make valuable choices that have an impact on the world and the others within it. Creating a deeper connection between participants and the story.

Fail states without death → received lots of criticism

  • 4D multi sensory & location based:
    • Textured floors
    • Vibration platform
    • Foam particle machine
    • Air vortex cannon
    • Heat lamps
    • Sensory scent machine
    • Realtime prop tracking:
    • Balls, fire extinguisher
    • Planks, walls, varied props
    • Live actor performance
    • Perimeter nets
    • 32-channel open-air sound system
  • Blindfold
    • 7 stories simultaneously unfolding in real time
    • Controller becomes a virtual phone (text/zoom into apartments/play videos)
    • Story replay-ability
    • (3) 20 min episodes
    • Synopsis: peer into private lives of 8 diverse New Yorkers from fire escape to discover suspicion & deception–all unfolding in real time
  • VR as a medium is only 3 years old!
  • VR projects: 1979 Revolutionary, BlindFold, Fire Escape
  • AR = Augmented Reality becoming the next biggest thing


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