Wow it’s been forever…

Hey guys! My thanksgiving break just started yesterday, so I’ve been able to take some time off to write? Though honestly, this Columbia Engineering Core has really got me working on PSets on the daily, and I’ve barely been able to write or read at all–so this post will probably reflect some of the loss of fluidity/charisma I used to hold in my writing. Anyhow, now that the semester is surprisingly almost over, I’ve been meaning to hammer out a conclusion post about what I learned through my first few months in college, but I’ve really never gotten the time because I’ve either been working or try to catch up on whatever minimal sleep I’m getting. So, instead of writing a long and rushed essay, I’m going to update smaller, separate posts on my blog about what I’ve been doing in college, what’s happened so far, and lessons I learned¬† ¬†or any advice I have and then who knows, I might compile it into a longer, more aesthetically pleasing post on Medium (I’ve really been reading Medium for too long).



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