No Phone

So 2 days ago my phone was stolen at a party. It had my ID, debit card, fake, and metro card on it, so you can understand the level of my distress. Yet, unexpectedly, not having my phone for these days have helped me get into a few habits and it’s actually kind of relieving in some ways.

Here are some of the things that have happened lately:

  1. My laptop has become my baby: Since I can’t text on my phone or check the time, I literally carry my laptop around all the time and keep it charged 24/7 to communicate through iMessage or check the time
  2. I’m not as social media obsessed: Without my phone I don’t feel the constant urge to check snapchat/instagram/facebook/messenger/EVERYTHING every minute. Obviously, I’m still checking facebook and iMessages now and then on my laptop, but not checking instagram and snapchat is actually such a relieving experience, because I never imagined how much energy or effort I had put into checking those. Although, I do admit I still sort of itch to know what people are sending me through snapchat, but it feels awfully good not to be constantly opening and tilting up my phone to check because a lot of the times seeing who replied/didn’t reply affects my mood for the day–so that’s a major plus.
  3. I wake up early naturally: It’s totally the opposite of what I’d normally expect, but now that I know that I don’t have a solid alarm that goes off, I literally wake up, check the time on my computer, and then get out of bed. I feel like this is due somewhat to a sense of panic/urgency and knowing that if I go back to sleep there is literally no alarm to actually wake me (because my computer won’t give off an alarm or it’s not  very reliable). I also feel like I usually go back to sleep after my alarm rings not because I’m actually tired but due to the satisfaction of knowing I’m getting slightly more sleep so I feel less sleep deprived, but really in the end it just makes it even harder for me to get up. Does that make sense? Today I woke up naturally at around 8, counted to 13 (odd number, I know), and then got out of bed. This is probably the first time I ever got up and out before my roommate and here I am at the dining hall typing this. I’m going to try to go sit in front for the lecture too and leave at either 50 or 55. Early bird catches the worm–am I right?
  4. My bathroom breaks are infinitely shorter: Because I usually take my phone when I go use the restroom, my bathroom breaks are often ~10 minutes. Yeah, I’m that stereotypical millennial/Gen Z that sits on the toilet with her phone. Now that I don’t have my phone, going to the bathroom actually functions solely as the purpose of simply going to the bathroom (surprise). I’m a lot more productive this way–so if I’m actually in the middle of work, I don’t completely lose my train of thought.

(I’ll keep editing this list as I go through my days of this week–or maybe my phone will be found. Who knows?)

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