Style Guide

Welcome to the CULR Style and Citation Manual.

This guide was composed to address two principal aims:

  1. To bring the CULR into conformity with other law reviews and follow the established guidelines of the discipline.
  2. To establish uniformity between the articles within individual issues of the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review and to create a style precedent for future editions.

The manual is divided into four sections: Typefaces, Punctuation, Numbers, and Citations. Within each section, there are two levels of subdivisions (a, b, c,… and i, ii, iii,…). Many of the rules are accompanied by examples, which appear in blue text.

This style manual is the definitive authority for the editors of the CULR. These rules take precedence over any other style guide (Chicago, MLA, etc.). If there are inconsistencies, or if you have questions during the editing process, please contact either the Executive Editor or the Editor-in-Chief.

Finally, this guide is based virtually entirely off of the University of Chicago Manual of Legal Citation (Twentieth Anniversary Edition). The Executive Board of the CULR greatly appreciates the provision of this resource by the University of Chicago Law Review.

Click here to access the style guide.
Click here to access the condensed style guide.

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