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Executive Board

Professional-Pic-Saaket CULRSaaket PradhanEditor-in-Chief
Saaket Pradhan is a junior in CC studying Economics and Political Science. He has a particular interest in Constitutional Law and hopes to eventually attend law school. Aside from the Law Review, he is also the President of the Junior Class on the Columbia College Student Council (CCSC).


Nika Madyoon – Executive Editor


Jordana FremedOnline Managing Editor
Jordana Fremed is a sophomore in CC majoring in Sustainable Development and Business Management. She is especially interested in environmental law and real estate law. Besides her involvement in the Law Review, Jordana is an active member of Sigma Delta Tau, Consilience, Columbia Real Estate Society, and The Fed.


Alicia Schleifman – Publisher

Marc Heinrich – Editor-in-Chief Emeritus (2013)
Marc Heinrich is a junior in CC. He plans to double major in political science and history. After reading the constitution in middle school, he became interested in how America’s legal system has evolved. He hopes to eventually go to law school and pursue a career in Constitutional Law.


Michael Chang-Frieden – Editor-in-Chief Emeritus (Spring 2014)
Michael Chang-Frieden studies English at Columbia and hopes to attend law school. He is particularly interested in intellectual property law and the history of criminal prosecution in New York City. Apart from legal studies, Michael is an active cellist and plays water polo for Columbia.



Sofi SinozichEditor-in-Chief Emeritus (2014)
Sofi Sinozich is a CC junior majoring in political science and statistics. She is primarily interested in constitutional law and judicial processes. In the future, Sofi plans to pursue a career in federal statistics. She is also the chief copyeditor for the Columbia Political Review.




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Brian Chung

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Bryan Schonfeld
Calvin Tjandra
Chloé Blanchard
Eileen Wong
Maxwell Schwartz
Mitchell Bustillo
David Blackman
Divya Sundaram
Eduard Grigoryan
Jamie Chang
Becca Arbacher
Logan Erickson
Sasha Benincasa
Andrew Pai

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Erica Chan
Andrew Lawson

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Jim Yoon

Online Staff
Julia Leff
Catherine Pellerin
Tayonna Ngutter
Ned Brose
Giovanni Pagan
Joao Paulo de Mello Barreto
Alicia Schleifman
Tanveer Singh