About Us

The goal of the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review is to provide Columbia University and the public with an opportunity for the discussion of law-related ideas and the publication of undergraduate legal scholarship. It is our mission to enrich the academic life of our undergraduate community by providing a forum where intellectual debate—augmented by scholarly research—can flourish. To accomplish this, it is essential that we:

  • Provide the necessary resources by which undergraduate students at Columbia and other U.S. universities with an interest in scholarly debate can express their views in an outlet that reaches the Columbia community.
  • Be an organization that embraces a collaborative editorial process and encourages all members to explore the fullest extent of their ideas in writing.
  • Uphold the spirit of intellectual discourse, scholarly research, and academic integrity in the finest traditions of our Alma Mater, Columbia University.

We encourage submissions of articles, research papers, and essays that embrace a wide range of topics and viewpoints related to the field of law. When appropriate, interesting diversions into related fields such as anthropology, sociology, economics, international relations, philosophy, history, and political science will also be considered.

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