Are you interested in implementing WINGS in your organization? If so, ask yourself the following questions to see if WINGS will be the right choice for you and your clients.


(1) To what extent does WINGS fit with organizational priorities, values and mission of your organization?

(2) Does your organization have existing partnerships with different types of IPV related service providers (see WINGS referral handbook for example)? If not, what types of service agreements or partnerships do you need to develop to have a functional network of service referrals in place for clients/participants who complete WINGS?

(3) Are there staff in the organization who have time and a can complete the 8 hour training to conduct WINGS? What staff would be most willing and able to conduct this intervention?

(4) Does your organization have the space and resources to implement WINGS? The facilitator modality of WINGS should be delivered in a private office. The computerized self-paced tool can be delivered in a Kiosk or any space the woman feels she can maintain the privacy of her phone, tablet or computer screen. Given your organizational setting which modality of WINGS do you think will work best? The space and resources to deliver the computerized self-paced WINGS and traditional WINGS vary. Please see the Implementation manual for Computerized self-paced WINGS for more details on resources needed to implement this SBIRT tool.

If you think WINGS may be a good fit for your organization, click here to see the WINGS Implementation Manual for more information.