Core Components



WINGS Core Components: 

  1. Raising awareness about different types of IPV that WWUD are at risk of experiencing and how substance misuse may trigger or be triggered by experience of different types of IPV;
  2. Screening to identify different types of IPV women may experiencing or perpetrating and providing individualized feedback for IPV (no, some, high risk),
  3. Eliciting motivation to address IPV and relationship conflict, Safety Planning
  4. Conducting Safety Planning to reduce risks of exposure to IPV,
  5. Enhancing Social Support to address relationship conflict and IPV
  6. Setting goals to improve relationship safety and reduce risk of IPV
  7. Identifying and Prioritizing Service Needs, Linkage to IPV and other Services

These seven Core Elements must be maintained without alteration to ensure fidelity to the intervention and its effectiveness. The computerized self-paced tool of WINGS employs interactive exercises and video testimonials of women and a narrator who leads women through the different session activities. Participants can click an audio button to read the text for each screen.