SKAT Fall 2021 Calendar

The SKAT Workshop meets Monday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. We continue to meet via Zoom this semester, but we are planning to have some in-person meetings at Knox Hall 501D. The format of each meeting might change, so please see our homepage ( for the most up to date information. To receive the paper (and the Zoom link) circulated the week prior to each meeting, please email [email protected].

September 27 (in-person) – Jordan Brensinger (Columbia University): Data Vulnerability, Mistrust, and the Production of Economic Insecurity

October 4 (via Zoom) – Przemyslaw Matt Lukacz (Columbia University): Can A.I. Be Trusted to Predict Weather? Ethics of Design, Jurisdictional Struggles, and Anxieties about Automation at the National A.I. Institute for Research on Trustworthy A.I. in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography

October 11 (via Zoom) – Arvind Karunakaran (McGill University): Truce Structures: Mechanisms for Addressing Protracted Jurisdictional Conflicts between Professions

October 18 (via Zoom) – James Chu (Columbia University): Educational Rankings and Adolescent Perceptions of College Cost

October 25 (via Zoom) – Tara Gonsalves (UC Berkeley): Unruly Categories: The Transnational Circulation of Transgender in INGOs

November 8 (via Zoom) – Blair Sackett (University of Pennsylvania): Circuit Breakers in Social Networks: Rejection, Reciprocity, and the Temporal Context of Exchange in a Refugee Camp

November 15 (via Zoom) – Amy Zhou (Columbia University): Two Worlds of Prenatal Care

November 29 (via Zoom) – Aaron Plasek (Columbia University): Machine Learning as the “Production of Completely New Ideas Not Deducible from Known Data”: Mechanical “Creativity,” the Mathematical Impossibility of Formal Categories, and the Creation of Data’s “Context” as a Solution to Problems of Extra-Experimental Evidence Posed by Representing and Intervening the Social and Physical World

December 6 (via Zoom) – Jana C. Glaese (New York University): TBD

December 13 (via Zoom) – Akshita Sivakumar (UC San Diego): Housekeeping Particulates: The Social Reproduction of Regulatory Science

December 20 (via Zoom) – Julian Jürgenmeyer (Columbia University): TBD

Sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy at Columbia University.