Fundación Sergio from Colombia visited Columbia as part of the MPA-DP Seminars to talk about Bullying and Discrimination

Alba Reyes, founder of Fundación Sergio Urrego a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting tolerance and ending school bullying, along with other representatives from the organization, visited SIPA this semester as part of the MDP seminar.

Ms. Reyes shared how her personal tragedy sparked the nationwide movement that now goes beyond Colombia’s borders. The format of the seminar was in the form of the discussion, and participants of the seminar had an opportunity to ask numerous questions. Questions included how the organization tackles homophobic attitudes present in the country, how they brought anti-discrimination provisions into legislation, and how they cooperate with other organizations of the world with similar agendas. Our guests from the organization were delighted to share that recently they launched suicide prevention hotline for youth.

Even after the formal part of the seminar ended the students surrounded Ms. Reyes to ask additional questions on the topic.

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