2018 schedule

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This year’s summer school will be organized as follows. Two 90-minute lectures will take place each morning, on questions related to urban development, environmental science and policy, and energy. Notable speakers have been invited, and will tailor the lectures based on their specialties and expertise. The afternoon will be devoted to workshops on precise research methods and tools (remote sensing, network analysis and visualization, and big data analysis), where participants will learn thanks to direct applications. One morning will be devoted to discussions with policy-makers, to better understand the relationships between the scientific and policy worlds, as well as the expectations and demands from each side.

Regular coffee breaks will allow for social interactions and networking among participants, and lunches will be provided. Evenings will be free to allow for enjoying the Parisian nightlife – with some social events planned.

Please note that specifics will be added, and a schedule posted, as speakers are confirmed. While purposely broad, the above description is tentative and may be subject to change.