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The Interdisciplinary Speed Talks consist in a set of graduate students or full-fledged researchers delivering very short presentations (4-5 min) on an ongoing project they’re working on, ideally one that they wish to collaborate on with people from other disciplines. This is a great way to learn about current research being done at different fields, getting exposed to completely new methods, and learning about exciting new datasets.

Past editions were a lot of fun, but also gave way to great encounters with fellow researchers (seasoned and green) and new subjects.

Past editions’ topics and presenters:

Presenters typically come from the following departments:

  • Departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES)
  • Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B)
  • Economics (Econ)
  • Earth and Environmental Engineering (EEE)
  • Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellows (EI)
  • Environmental Health Sciences (EHS)
  • Applied Physics and Applied Math (APAM)
  • Political Science (Pol Sci)
  • Chemical Engineering (CE)
  • Sustainable Development (SDEV)

… but we welcome others!