Indagación by Torner

Torner is one of the most important conceptual Spanish artists and he was inspired by a visit to our lab when creating this piece of art. The white dots represent the firing of neurons, as seen in a calcium imaging movie. The triangle symbolizes science and the line is the clean line of human thought. This etching hangs in our lab and now inspires us in our work.
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Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Inspirational voice of Cajal discussing in Spanish the importance of willpower
(from his book “Advice to a Young Investigator”)

Ramón y Cajal was the first person of Spanish origin to win a scientific Nobel Prize. His original investigations of the microscopic structure of the brain made him a pioneer of modern neuroscience.

Hundreds of his drawings illustrating the arborizations (“tree growing”) of brain cells are still in use, since the mid-20th century, for educational and training purposes.

cajal purkinje cell

Purkinje Cell by Cajal


  • At 3800m in Piedra Numerada (Cerro Plomo, Chile)