Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Workshop Schedule
Mondays, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
Knox Hall, Room 509 (see map for location)

UPDATES (3/24/2020): In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the March 9, April 6, and April 20 workshops have been canceled. The May 18th Graduate Student Panel will take place virtually via Zoom. A link will be sent to our mailing list prior to the panel.

Monday, February 10
Bridging Ties through Genetic Testing? The Effect of Genetic Ancestry Testing on Network Racial Diversity”
Wendy Roth (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania)

Monday, March 9
“Internal Migration and Inequality in the US”
Gerard Torrats-Espinosa (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Columbia University)

Monday, April 6
“Diversity and narratives of hope: beyond the current crisis of American society”
Michèle Lamont (Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies, Harvard University)

Monday, April 20
“Moving Up the Civic Stratification Ladder: Explaining Inconsistency in Citizenship Declarations in French Longitudinal Data”
Mirna Safi (Associate Professor, Sciences Po)

Monday, May 18 (note date change)
Graduate Student Panel

  • Flavien Ganter (Columbia University): “Diverse Meanings: Folk Understandings of Neighborhood Diversity”
  • Daniela Pila (University at Albany, SUNY): “Legal Status Fluidity: Theorizing Legal Status Transitions and How Filipinos Navigate Immigration Pathways”
  • Berenike Schott (Columbia University): “Spatial Heterogeneity in the Intergenerational Persistence of Political Behavior: The Case of Far-Right Support in Germany”

*Papers are only circulated to participants of this workshop. If you are not a participant and you would like to request a paper, please contact the workshop graduate student coordinators.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Department of Sociology, the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP), and the Division of Social Science.


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