Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Workshop Schedule
Mondays, 12 to 2 p.m.
501D Knox Hall (see map for location)

Download workshop papers (workshop participants only*): here.

Monday, February 27
Presenter 1:     Onoso Imoagene (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania)
Paper 1:           Beyond Expectations: Second-Generation Nigerians in the United States and Britain

Presenter 2:     Yossi Harpaz (Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel-Aviv University)
Paper 2:           Dual Citizenship as a Strategy of Resource Accumulation: Evidence from Serbia, Mexico and Israel

Monday, March 27 (Please note special location for this meeting – Knox Hall 208)
Presenter 1:      R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy (Associate Professor of Sociology and Black Studies, City College of CUNY)
Paper 1:            Suburban Black Lives Matter: Exploring the Other Half of Urban Education

Presenter 2:     Sarah Scuzzarello  (Research Fellow, University of Sussex and Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, Columbia University)
Paper 2:           Comparing Narratives of Social Identification among Young Somalis in Two European Cities

Monday, April 24
Presenter 1:     Sandra Portocarrero (Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, Columbia University)
Paper 1:          (E)valuating Each Other: Meaning-Making at Elite Universities in Lima and New York

Presenter 2:     Nga Than (Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, Graduate Center of CUNY)
Paper 2:           Becoming “New Immigrants:” The Case of Vietnamese Marriage Migrants in Taiwan


*Papers are only circulated to participants of this workshop. If you are not a participant and you would like to request a paper, please contact the presenter directly. If you would like to join, please contact the workshop graduate student coordinators.

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