“Barrie’s Mental Tempest”- Here Be Monsters’ Favorite Episode

Through the lens of science, politics, religion, drugs, and death, Here Be Monsters explores the things that scare us. This episode, “Barrie’s Mental Tempest,” follows Barrie Wylie’s journey through life with paranoid schizophrenia. It deals with how he has coped via alcohol, drugs, and medication, ultimately utilizing a controversial technique in which he befriends his voices rather than suppresses them.

You can learn more about the Hearing Voices Network that helped Barrie here.

Jeff Emtman and Bethany Jo Denton, producers/hosts of Here Be Monsters, will be speaking on Saturday, April 15th from 1:30-3 on the topics of “The Cult of the Story,” and “A Case for the Minimalist Narrator,” respectively.

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