Patria o Muerte: Devon Taylor’s Favorite Episode

Millennial opened its third season with a four part series on Cuba; Patria o Muerte is the final installment. It explores questions of identity, investigating how much of our identity is inextricably tied to our country and our society and how much of it is internal.

Listen to Patria o Muerte here.

Listen to the first, second, and third episodes as well!

Devon will speaking on April 15, from 10-11:45 with a talk entitled “New Ears.”

D.A. Powell: Rachel Zucker’s Favorite Episode

Rachel Zucker of Commonplace talks with her friend D.A. Powell, author of five award-winning books of poetry and professor at University of San Francisco. They touch on topics ranging from the election, outrage, and disturbance to poetry as a tool for social change, revision strategies, and how we move forward.

Listen to this episode here!

Rachel will be speaking on April 15 from 10-11:45. Her talk is titled “Less and Less and Less Alone.”

Slate’s Political Gabfest


Plucked from for this week’s new favorite, Slate’s Political Gabfest features Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and David Plotz deconstructing and analyzing major political moments from the past week.  This week’s episode, “Crossing Many Lines,” discusses the end of the filibuster, White House conflicts of interest, and President Trump’s approach to human rights. You can listen to the episode, as well as past episodes and extras, here. 

Podcast’s Infamous Ads

Welcome to the Podcast. First, a Word from Our Celebrity.

Podcasts feel personal. You grow to trust the hosts and the information that they’re relaying to you, often directly into your ears. And any good host knows this; they know that they’re transcending the sounds of the morning commute to entertain, inform, and distract you. This is why many hosts, when confronted with the necessary task of breaking from the show to read an ad, do their best to keep it in line with the tone of the rest of the podcast. This New York Times article details how various hosts, from Katie Couric to Lena Dunham, have turned a potentially awkward break in momentum to an integral part of their program.

“Barrie’s Mental Tempest”- Here Be Monsters’ Favorite Episode

Through the lens of science, politics, religion, drugs, and death, Here Be Monsters explores the things that scare us. This episode, “Barrie’s Mental Tempest,” follows Barrie Wylie’s journey through life with paranoid schizophrenia. It deals with how he has coped via alcohol, drugs, and medication, ultimately utilizing a controversial technique in which he befriends his voices rather than suppresses them.

You can learn more about the Hearing Voices Network that helped Barrie here.

Jeff Emtman and Bethany Jo Denton, producers/hosts of Here Be Monsters, will be speaking on Saturday, April 15th from 1:30-3 on the topics of “The Cult of the Story,” and “A Case for the Minimalist Narrator,” respectively.