Early Christianity

During the 3rd and 4th centuries after Christ’s death, Christianity gained a firm footing in the Mediterranean world, due in large part to the evangelical trend of the faith. But for all its ubiquity, the potential persecution by the Roman Empire of Christ’s followers continually pushed them underground, so to speak. Thus, their artwork was similarly forced into hiding. Across the catacombs of Rome, sarcophagi and burial chambers abound with early Christian art. That is, until 313, when Constantine’s legalization and enforcement of Christianity as the official religion called for “a new set of images as well as contexts for those images” (Jensen 94), i.e. basilicas and public areas. Thus, early Christian art must be broken up into Pre- and Post-Constantine Eras, both thematically and contextually.

Thematically, early Christian art falls into four categories, as dictated by Robin Margaret Jensen in Understanding Early Christian Art: the adaptation of pagan images, neutral decorative motifs imbued with a subversive ideology, biblical narrative, and portraitures of Christ and the Saints. The first three categories belong firmly in the Early Christian tradition, whereas the latter only arose after the legalization of the faith.

In order to understand these four basic categories, one must first look to the foundations upon which the religion itself was built. Just as Christianity arose out of Judaism, so too did its art rise up from the prevailing norms: “Spirituality had become thoroughly tainted by popular culture and pagan idolatry” (Jensen 13). Thus, ubiquitous across art of the 3rd through 6th centuries are classic Roman images re-appropriated for a Christian context (i.e., as Jesus Christ).

Roman culture wasn’t the only influential force on the art of this era. Jewish artistic traditions, specifically in terms of the interpretation of the 2nd commandment, confronted early Christians with the question of prohibition under the law. But, contrary to popular belief, early church leaders held no grudge against art with respect to that commandment, as Islamic leaders later did. Instead, “it had become clear that in the early Christian period the prohibition [of images] was regarded in contemporary Jewish circles as definitely modified [as being solely against idolatry], while by Christians it was regarded as irrelevant save in matters of Old Testament exegesis” (Murray 223). Thus, the iconographic question was settled firmly in favor of art—at least until the Byzantine era reimagined the prohibition.

Lastly, Christian art reflected a definitively Christian mindset. Looking away from the artistic context of the era and instead to the psychological context, two obvious themes arise: eschatology and deliverance. Early Christian artists had two spheres on their mind: the heavenly and the earthly. As most of the art recovered from the period is on funerary items, the themes of resurrection and life after death are the most prevalent. In terms of earthly deliverance, some scholars argue “these subjects were selected and popularized because they, in particular, represented God’s deliverance from danger, especially in a time of persecution” (Jensen 74). But there is a lack of consensus, due to stories such as Moses striking the rock, which seemingly have no protective connotations. Tales such as Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the Lions, and Lazarus’s resurrection, on the other hand, serve both to remind Christians of the after life, as well as offer comfort in their time of persecution here on earth.

Post-Constantine art continued with many of these themes, while simultaneously abandoning the psyche of the persecuted religion. First and foremost, artists began to grapple more openly with the image of Jesus. No longer relegated to a strict metaphor, Jesus could be seen in this era in the context of biblical miracles.As the years passed by, so too did the significance of the stories. It is only in the late 5th century that Jesus’ resurrection is portrayed. He is also depicted as a pseudo-emperor: “The visual presentation of a regnant Christ is thought to have been modeled on the figure of the enthroned emperor known from examples of imperial portraits” (Jensen 98). In these two adaptations, we see a conflation of Jesus the savior and Jesus the king, a theme that will be widely taken up in later years. The second thematic shift is in terms of Old Testament stories. Cleared of the fear of persecution, Christians dropped themes of protection like Jonah and Noah and instead took up the themes of leadership found in the stories of Moses and Elijah. Again, one can directly connect Christian imagery with the collective psychology of followers as a whole.

One prevailing theme throughout pre- and post-Constantine works is the absence of God the Father. This is justifiable, for even in the Bible, an air of sensual impossibility surrounded God: “In all of the school contexts (Epicureanism excepted) the desire to be shown the form of divinity was viewed as an epistemological impropriety” (Finney 277). Thus, more than a religious issue with the imaged of God, his invisibility represents a philosophical inability to deal with the divine.



the good shepherd, catacombs of callistus, ca ?

Christ as Good Shepherd: Catacomb of Callistus in Rome, 3rd century (Photo c/o Wikimedia Commons)

This image is one of the few traditional depiction of Jesus in pre-Constantine times. Along with the Orant, the Good Shepherd fulfills the biblical description of Jesus, while paying homage to the Shepherd in Roman imagery. For the Romans, the Good Shepherd was a universal sign of kindness and compassion—displayed here, as elsewhere, by the sheep around Christ’s neck. Its biblical connotations are perhaps ever more vital to the image: “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (John 10:11). Thus, this metaphor was carefully selected from the Roman Canon for both its relevance to the bible and previous connotation as a pagan symbol.

Formally, the image of the Good Shepherd is representative of the realist catacomb art of the 3rd and 4th century. Christ’s robes are intricately detailed, as is his once-expressive face and the wool of the sheep. Whereas artists in the near future would worry less about realism and more about symbolism, artists of this era focused on depicting Christ as a very human element of the religion, since the early church very much embraced that side of him.


Christ Raising Lazarus: Catacomb of the Giordani in Rome, 3rd century (Photo c/o Digiglotting)

The wall painting to the right of Christ raising Lazarus is a classic example of early Christian art depicting Christ as a miracle worker. When Christ wasn’t disguised as a Shepherd or as a Greek god, followers often showed him in the act of his biblical miracles. Far from being as inflammatory as the resurrection, showing Jesus’ miracles was a relatively safe way to praise Christ’s divinity, if this clandestine art were ever to be discovered. That being said, the majority of these types of works are found only in the Post-Constantine era.

But the painting isn’t just an image of pacified reverence; it’s a call for salvation. The stories depicted on many of the Roman catacombs shared the common theme of protection and salvation. In this case, there is a clear analogy of the resurrection of Lazarus and the resurrection in life after death. As Christians planned for their death, they sought comfort in adorning their sarcophagi and burial chambers with images of Christ’s power to redeem the body and soul.

 Christ as Helios Mausoleum of the Julii Roman, mid-late 3rd century

Christ as Helios: Mausoleum of Julii Roman in Rome, late 3rd century (Photo c/o Ad Imaginem Dei)

This depiction of Christ as Helios represents the conflation of Christian ideology and Greco-Roman influence. On the surface, the re-appropriation of the Greek sun god stands to illustrate the heavy impact current art was having on Early Christian works. This is especially true during the 3rd century, which houses the earliest known Christian artwork, and thus the least independently developed.

But ideology was not absent from this popular image. Repeatedly throughout the bible, the Holy Spirit is referenced in terms of light: “Then spoke Jesus again to them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12). Depicting the Christian divinity as Helios was thus both a safe and relevant way to pay homage as well as an accurate depiction of the image of Christ conveyed in the Gospels. Once again, early artists have re-appropriated pagan religious symbols in meaningful ways, highlighting the broad impact outside cultures had on Christianity.

 Three Hebrews in a Furnace, catacomb of priscilla, mid-late 3rd century

Three Hebrews in a Furnace: Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, late 3rd century, (Photo c/o Global Light Minds)

Along with images of Jesus’ miracles, early Christians had a fascination with the tales of protection against nature from the Old Testament. In addition to the tale of Jonah and the Whale and Daniel and the Lions, a popular image was that of the three Hebrews in the furnace. According to the story, the king Nebuchadnezzar burned Jews alive, but upon witnessing the three Hebrews walking about in the furnace accompanied by a divine image, he altered his stance. Much like what would happen years later with Constantine, Nebuchadnezzar declared it a sin to speak out against God and the Jews. Thus, painting this image invoked a call for divine intervention in the systematic repression of Christians in Rome.

Here, we have Christians making a direct connection to the Jewish tradition. Despite being at odds in their ideology, early Christians still found themselves in similar political predicaments similar to those faced by the Hebrews during their tumultuous history. Thus, in painting this, early Christians are not only invoking the divine, but also subconsciously expressing solidarity with the religious persecution experienced by their ancestors in the Old Testament.


Good Shepherd at Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, 425

The Good Shepherd: Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, 425 CE (Photo c/o Wikipedia)

This piece is often quoted as the crucial link between Pre- and Post-Constantine art in this era. The images here conflate traditional Christian symbols with a reverence for Christ as King. The image of the Good Shepherd, obvious here in his relation to the sheep, hearkens back to earlier works, where the shepherd was one of the primary rhetorical device used to envision Jesus.

Unlike earlier works, however, Christ is glowing with reverence. More so than a shepherd, what is depicted here is a King. Jesus is adorned with glowing robes of purple and a luminous halo; there is no mistaking this for the average shepherd. This embracing of Christ’s royal status came, naturally, with his widespread acceptance among Romans during the legalization. No longer did followers have to fear the punishment associated with envisioning any other king other than the Emperor of Rome—Jesus was now on the same level as that Emperor.

Formally, one can see a dearth of detail in the idealized mosaic. Gone are the intricate attempts at portraiture that come with earlier catacomb works. As Christ’s image begins to take a super-human form, the focus becomes more on depicting this symbolism rather than the reality of his likeness. This shift will come to mirror the movement of Baroque portraitures by Rembrandt and Bernini. The focus for both of these painters is not the likeness, but rather the life-likeness, or the essence of the subject, just as is depicted here with Christ’s kingly connotations.

 Christ as Warrior, Archiepiscopal chapel in Ravenna, 6th century

Christ as Warrior: Archiepiscopal Chapel in Ravenna, 6th century (Photo c/o Why I Am Catholic)

This image is a classic representation of Christ as it was imagined after the Edict of Milan. Since Christianity rapidly underwent the shift from fringe cult to imperial religion, Christ’s image was brought into a new role with enthusiasm. Instead of Christ as a shepherd or as a Greek God, artists during these centuries instead depicted him in an Imperial manner. Adorned in purple and bearing the triumphant demeanor of a militant royal, Jesus bridges the apparent gap between religion and government.

As usual in these pieces, Biblical references abound. The serpent beneath his left foot represents Satan (in later works, Mary traditionally crushes the serpent), whereas the lion under his right fulfills Psalm 91:13, “You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.” Armed with the cross, now a defensive weapon, and the words “I am the way, and the truth, and the life,” Christ is not only a physical warrior, but a spiritual one as well.

 crucifixion or orant, sta sabina, 6th century

Crucifixion or Orant: Doors of Sta. Sabina in Rome, 6th Century (Photo c/o CL Francisco)

An air of controversy surrounds this wood carving, which hangs on the door at Santa Sabina in Rome. There are two prevailing interpretations available. Seeing as the piece is dated around the 5th century, the most relevant interpretation is that of the crucifixion. As Christianity grew within the Roman Empire, its art began to deal in the finer complexities of the Gospels. Whereas earlier works had depicted Jesus as a miracle worker, the representation of Jesus as a divine martyr was an as-yet untouched topic. But as the legality of Christianity expanded, images of the nativity began to appear, followed by the Passion, and finally culminating in the miracle of the Resurrection. Thus, it was around this time that images of the death and resurrection of Christ started to emerge.

There are some, however, who argue that these figures are Orants, a popular depiction of Christ in the Pre-Constantine era. Orants often stood as signs of deference to a God or an Emperor, and therefore were adequate metaphors for the presence of God. The date of this wood carving, however, makes that interpretation seem far less likely than the former. If the intent was the depiction of Orants, the doors of Santa Sabina could be another crucial link between Pre- and Post-Constantine art, as the Good Shepherd at Galla Placidia is.

There is, however, a notable connection. Many scholars have noted that, in addition to its Roman imagery, the Orant is a subtle nod to the shape of Christ on the Cross. This imagery—the crucified Christ—often stands in for a martyr and appears in nearly every era of art, so it’s not inconceivable to believe that it existed before artists dealt directly with the concept of crucifixion and resurrection.

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  1. I would’ve hoped that a work from Columbia university would have more accurate information instead of perpetuating a popular misconception.

    Constantine – contrary to popular belief – did not legalize and enforce Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire back in 313 AD as you claim in your introduction. In fact, Christianity did not become the official religion until approximately 8 rulers later (nearly 70 yrs later) under Emperor Theodosius in 380 AD. Getting this wrong calls into question the whole categorization of these art pieces.

    If you got this wrong, I can only wonder at what other claims on here regarding Constantine are also wrong.

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  4. “Constantine – contrary to popular belief – did not legalize and enforce Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire back in 313 AD as you claim in your introduction. ”

    Anonymous You are wrong he did legalize it.

    In 313 AD, the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which accepted Christianity:

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  8. There is, however, a notable connection. Many scholars have noted that, in addition to its Roman imagery, the Orant is a subtle nod to the shape of Christ on the Cross. This imagery—the crucified Christ—often stands in for a martyr and appears in nearly every era of art, so it’s not inconceivable to believe that it existed before artists dealt directly with the concept of crucifixion and resurrection.

  9. There are some, however, who argue that these figures are Orants, a popular depiction of Christ in the Pre-Constantine era. Orants often stood as signs of deference to a God or an Emperor, and therefore were adequate metaphors for the presence of God. The date of this wood carving, however, makes that interpretation seem far less likely than the former. If the intent was the depiction of Orants, the doors of Santa Sabina could be another crucial link between Pre- and Post-Constantine art, as the Good Shepherd at Galla Placidia is.

  10. After it was announced that the Roman Emperor Constantine recognized Christianity as the religion that was officially recognized by the Roman Empire in the middle of the fourth century AD the persecutions against Christians ended. As churches began popping in the area, the dead were beginning to be buried in the associated cemeteries. The tunnels used for burials of the deceased to rest in the catacombs was brought to an end around the fifth century AD.

  11. Constantine defended his position against several Roman factions, including Maxentius, Maximian’s son, during a period of civil war. In 312, Constantine fought in Italy, where he met Maxentius and his men at the Tiber’s Milvian Bridge. According to accounts of Constantine’s life, he ordered a Christian sign to be painted on his soldiers’ shields after having a vision. Constantine was victorious in war and entered Rome while wearing this insignia.

  12. A classic example of early Christian art presenting Christ as a miracle worker is the wall painting to the right of Jesus raising Lazarus. When Jesus wasn’t dressed as a shepherd or a Greek god, his disciples frequently depicted him performing biblical miracles. Showing Jesus’ miracles was a relatively safe way to glorify Jesus’ divinity if this hidden art was ever found, and it was far from as controversial as the resurrection. However, the majority of these works are only found in the Post-Constantine period.

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  85. The industrial wood pellet mill is a great device that can make sawdust energy. There are numerous house makers, which produce a large amount of sawdust yearly. Nonetheless, because of the impact of typical production techniques and also living practices, the use price of sawdust is exceptionally reduced, and also a considerable amount of sawdust resources are disposed of or blazed, which not just creates waste of sources, however also contaminates the air. Using industrial timber pellet mills properly reuses these sources.https://www.richipelletmachine.com/biomass-pellet-mill-for-sale/

  86. For many years, Richi Equipment has focused on the research and development, layout and manufacturing of commercial wood pellet mills, wood cutting pellet devices, sawdust pellet equipments, biomass pellet equipments, timber pulverizers, wood pellet production lines, wood processing tools and other products. All products have passed ISO9001 :2008 The international quality administration system accreditation and EU CE certification have actually gotten to the international advanced level, as well as the items promptly cover the residential market and also are exported to nations worldwide.fuel pellet plant

  87. Because its establishment, Richi Machinery has won the honorary titles of “Advanced Top Quality System” and also “Quality Trustworthy Device” each year, and also has actually been recognized as a national AAA-level business for quality, credibility and also service. The business has actually constantly complied with the concept of ” high quality first, credibility first”, in accordance with the tenet of ” make it through by top quality, as well as look for gain from growth”, exerting its own benefits and also gradually broadening its scale. In the future, the developed individuals will make persistent initiatives to establish and create items that are well obtained by residential as well as international consumers, and stroll in the forefront of the market.biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia

  88. Recently, many countries have additionally increased the growth of brand-new power as well as the management of ecological troubles. Biomass industrial timber pellet mills are not just environmentally friendly as well as resource-saving, yet also bring us financial worth. They have actually been verified by several individuals and also close friends, as well as the market sales are also high. Therefore, the growth prospect of commercial timber pellet mill can be said to be really outstanding.Richi Pellet Machine

  89. In order to fulfill the requirements of various life and production, commercial wood pellet mills have actually additionally been introduced and updated. These cutting-edge technological products are utilized a growing number of extensively in our lives. It brings us a really risk-free material for individuals’s livelihood heating as well as living power. This fuel has a high usage rate as well as is easy to store. Specifically, it can be utilized as the main gas type for thermal power generation, which greatly changes the existing ones. Different non-renewable energy resources such as raw coal as well as fire wood, fuel liquefied gas, and so on can effectively conserve the input of non-renewable fuel.https://www.richipelletmachine.com/

  90. This solid fuel that has been crushed and pressed by an commercial timber pellet mill has superb combustion performance. Its thickness is larger than that of normal fuels, and also at the same time, the release of numerous damaging gases is reduced. It is a risk-free, environment-friendly and also environmentally friendly fuel kind.Poultry Feed Pellet Machine Price

  91. Now, countries worldwide pay more and more interest to the protection of the atmosphere and also the use of different power sources. The ingenious study of commercial wood pellet mill has brought us the effective use renewable energy to a large degree, allowing us to acquire practical, energy-saving, pollution-free environment-friendly power, and likewise bring us excellent resource maintenance. Of course, when we use the biomass timber pellet mill equipment, we should comply with the operating specifications and also its collection of demands for material processing as well as production, so as to increase its output as high as feasible and extend its life span.floating fish feed pellet mill

  92. The quality of poultry feed pellet making equipment, the price of poultry feed pellet maker, the output of chicken feed pellet equipment, which is the very best poultry feed pellet making device? Today, the Richi Equipment feed pellet machine manufacturer will certainly provide you a detailed answer to the questions that these farmers are most worried concerning.animal feed mill plant

  93. The pellets generated by the Richi Equipment chicken feed pellet making machine have high firmness, smooth surface and internal aging, which can enhance the food digestion and also absorption of hens. The procedure of pellet formation can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance consider grains and beans, lowering adverse impacts on digestion. It can kill numerous parasites and also other pathogenic microbes, and reduce different conditions of the gastrointestinal system of bugs. Compared to combined powder feed, higher financial advantages can be acquired.cat litter production line

  94. Richi Equipment feed pellet maker takes on ring die pelletizing tools. The equipment contains power device, gear box, drive shaft, die plate, pushing roller, feed receptacle, cutter as well as discharge hopper. The ring die outfitted with our fowl feed pellet making machine is processed according to the information obtained from a lot of experiments on different basic materials, as well as the effect will certainly be the best for basic resources.https://www.richipelletmachine.com/floating-fish-feed-making-machine/

  95. The full collection of feed pellet machine tools is separated into a selection of sustaining kinds. How to pick the poultry feed pellet making machine that suits you? The complete set of feed equipment includes small fowl feed pellet devices, tool and also big fowl feed pellet making devices. The output of poultry feed pellet making machine is generally in between 100-800 kg, and the output of tool and huge feed pellet machines is in between 1-45 heaps.
    double screw extruder machine

  96. poultry feed pellet making devices are suitable for investment in small ranches and also tiny feed cpus. Usually, the power distribution is less than 35kw, and the investment quantity is a number of hundred to a number of thousand bucks. Little and also medium-sized feed pellet machines are suitable for financial investment by little as well as medium-sized ranches as well as medium-sized feed processors. Generally, the power distribution power is less than 90kw, and also the financial investment quantity is in between 70-500 million United States dollars. Large-scale feed systems are suitable for investment by large-scale feed processing houses. Richi Equipment has been generating poultry feed pellet making machine for greater than twenty years, with advanced tools, strong technical force, exceptional high quality and excellent service. Welcome you to visit Richi Equipment.https://www.richipelletmachine.com/twin-screw-extruder-for-sale/

  97. This machine has the qualities of compact structure, beautiful look, high outcome, reduced power usage, hassle-free use as well as trustworthy functioning performance.The stress rollers are evenly organized, as well as the procedure is secure. At the same time, the pressing location is boosted, and also the production effectiveness is boosted.Fish Food Production Line In Iran

  98. Today, poultry pellet feed equipments are preferred amongst farmers. It not only conserves farmers’ feed expense, but additionally ensures the all-natural pollution-free nature of the feed. However, in the granulation process, there are several variables that impact the granulation shape of the poultry feed granulator. Tools, resources, including hands-on operations, can impact pelletizing efficiency. Therefore, farmers must increase a warning. The complying with small series presents the particular operation of the feed pellet equipment for referral as adheres to:animal feed plant

  99. Oil: Adding a small amount of 0.5% to 1% grease is beneficial to minimize the wear of the parts of the fowl feed pellet making machine, to ensure that the formed pellets can conveniently raise the granulation result with the die hole. However, when the addition quantity surpasses 2%, the pellets end up being loosened as well as hard to form. Therefore, when adding high dosages of grease, the total of 30% need to be added at the mixer and also granulated at thebiomass pellet making machine

  100. Crude fiber: Appropriate 3%~ 5% unrefined fiber material contributes to the bonding of granular materials, decreasing the pellet pulverization price and boosting the granulation outcome. Nonetheless, when the crude fiber web content surpasses 10%, because of inadequate cohesion, the solidity and also forming price of the pellets will certainly be influenced, the devices wear will certainly be raised, and the pelletizing outcome will certainly be reduced.https://www.richipelletmachine.com/biomass-pellet-mill-for-sale/

  101. Heat-sensitive feed: After home heating, the viscosity of lactose and whey powder will raise to differing degrees, which is beneficial to increase the result. Nonetheless, if the temperature surpasses 60 ° C, it is simple to coke, block the die openings, and affect the pelletizing output. As a result, cozy water can be made use of for the quality adjustment of this feed.Hardwood Pellet Mill

  102. Minerals: Most mineral feeds have little or little adhesion, bad pelletizing efficiency and also low pelleting yield. As a result, when the inorganic (mineral) material is high, it is generally required to include a small amount of binder (such as molasses) to the product to improve the pelletizing efficiency and also raise the outcome of the chicken feed pelletizer and feed squashing mixer.biofuel pellet plant

  103. Richi Machinery is an antique fowl feed pellet making maker producer. Its products sell well in your home as well as abroad, and also are straight exported to greater than 100 countries and areas in Europe, Southeast Asia as well as Africa. The SZLH ring die series fowl feed pellet making machine is Richi Machinery’s particular energy-saving feed devices. This series of pellet mills achieves the goal of completely dry feed in and also dry out. Via the extrusion in between the pressing roller and the die plate, the processed feed has a smooth surface area, a consistent body and a specific solidity. In addition, the framework is simple, the operation is easy and also the noise is tiny, and it is challenging not to be enjoyed by people.wood pellet plant for sale Indonesia

  104.  One of the most  essential  variables affecting the  cost of the floating fish feed making machine are the model ( capability) of the pellet  equipment  and also the  setup of the fish pellet machine If you are  mosting likely to do a  tiny floating fish feed mill, you can  make use of a  little feed pellet  assembly line,  to make sure that the production  performance  as well as  level of automation  will certainly be  greater.twin screw extruder machine

  105. Nevertheless, if it is a self-employed  family members farming, the output is  usually not high,  as well as a  smaller sized fish pellet feed  equipment can be  chosen. The  drifting fish feed making  makers  generated by Richi Machinery are  flexible  and also can be used in feed processing plants of  various sizes,  along with livestock  ranches of different sizes.Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant In Tanzania

  106. The  little feed pellet  maker is  constructed from  stainless-steel, which can  stop  deterioration or  corrosion, thereby  extending the service life of the feed pellet machine  and also  conserving costs.
    The  drifting fish feed pellet  maker has  tiny footprint, low  sound  and also no residue. At the same time, the pellet feed  generated by it has high  dietary value  and also strong palatability, which is  the most effective choice for  most of users.
    The  tiny fish feed making  device  appropriates for  various  products to  make sure the  important  impact. The extruded granules have smooth  surface area, high  interior  maturation, high granule  firmness and  very easy storage.https://www.richipelletmachine.com/twin-screw-extruder-for-sale/

  107.  Compared to the  conventional pellet machine, Richi  Equipment’s  little feed pellet  equipment  improves the  strength  as well as  firmness of the material, is more  sturdy and easy to use,  and also  extends the  life span of the  device.The feed pellets made by the fish feed  drifting pellet making machine are  a lot more palatable,  simpler to  soak up, and reduce the  event of  conditions.automatic kitty litter machine

  108. Floating pellet  equipment: feed pellet machine (also  referred to as: pellet feed machine, feed pellet  equipment, pellet feed  developing machine), belongs to feed pelleting equipment. It is a feed  handling  equipment that  utilizes corn, soybean meal, straw,  lawn, rice husk,  and so on as raw materials,  as well as directly presses the raw  products  right into pellets after crushing the raw  products.animal feed mill plant

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