Our research in North Brooklyn has shown that backyards in New York City can have lead (Pb) levels far exceeding the residential soil limit.¬†While we have collected previous backyard samples in areas with above average exposure to lead, we are now looking to test soils in areas with below average childhood exposure to lead. Lead is a heavy metal that can be harmful to your child’s health. However, there is no easy way to predict whether your soils have high lead: the best way is to test it.

Researchers are interested in learning more about where high levels of lead are in our environment – and we need your help. We are looking for residents in the Upper West Side who would be interested in testing their soil for lead (for free) as part of a confidential study by Columbia University and Barnard College.

If you are interested to test your soil for lead, please enter your contact information by clicking here or on the Sign Up Now button.