How to rename an iOS project in XCode

Renaming a project in XCode can be a hassle and cause a lot of complications and problems if not done correctly because there are a lot of root files and embedded files that must be renamed as well. So how can you easily rename a project in XCode?

The following tutorial shows you how to do it within 3 minutes and I found it very helpful:

The only discrepancy I found in that tutorial (made in 2019) and Xcode version today (2021) is that I don’t believe the current version has an option to rename the “Development Assets” under Deployment, but everything else is the same.

Best of luck!

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    My name is Woojong, a self-taught coder and independent puzzle game app developer.
    I found this page by accident. Your information saved my tons of hours and helped me be free from tons of stress.
    Thanks a lot for this information.

    Woojong Son

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