Birthday Goals

It’s my birthday today! Wow, 19 already. That’s a year above being legal–so I guess this really does mean I’m adult. There’s no more fooling around. I’m going through a full-blown mid/quarter/eight-life crisis at the moment. Time to make use of my life and do something impactful. Surprising fact, 19 is actually one of my favorite numbers! So, best to make this year one of the best years ever. For my birthday, I want to list a few goals to followup through the year until 2020 that I’ll try to follow through (must will be somewhat vague because I want to leave it up to interpretation but I will make something more detailed later):

  1. Meeting goals with no deadlines
  2. Active in activities
  3. Social media cleanse
  4. Remove cluster
  5. Limit on tabs open
  6. Happy music
  7. Balance
  8. Self-development
  9. Learning
  10. Arts & Humanities development
  11. Project-based
  12. Love and appreciate
  13. Goal for each month

I’ll probably add more later! One of these goals is “goal for each month,” so what I think I am going to do is attribute each month to a different theme that can be embody a lot of different goals. This month’s theme will be “remove cluster.” So this means that I’m going to clean out my entire desktop, social media, and re-evaluate my clubs/activities, my 4-year schedule, and remove what I think is “clustering” my life because I tend to take on more than I can handle, so I can focus on the 10% that is actually important to me. I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes!

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