21-Day Mental Diet

The 21-Day Mental Diet

  1. Arise each morning 2 hours before you have to be somewhere and invest the 1st hour in yourself and your mind
  2. Before turning on television/computer, read something motivation, inspirational, or educational (30-60 minutes)
  3. Write down top 10-15 goals in the present tense
  4. Write down a list of everything you need to do that day
    • Order it by priorities
    • Resist temptation of clearing up small things first
    • Plunge into a big/important task
  5. Begin immediately to work on most valuable and important task
    • Resolve to focus independently on the one task until it is complete
    • Once you finish the one major/big task first thing in the morning in the golden hour, you will receive a surge of energy, happiness, and confidence, which releases endorphins in your brain that propels you into other tasks and makes you more productive for the rest of the day → phenomenon called FLOW that allow you to perform at a higher level
  6. When you drive, listen to educational podcasts
    • Average person drives 500 hours in their car each year
    • That equates 1-2 classes in a leading university, you can be an expert
  7. Develop a sense of urgency: move fast, pick up the pace
    • Give you more energy
    • Faster →  more you get done → better you feel
    • More in-control of your life

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