8.16.2018 pt.1

Hey guys! This is my first post; I’m just dipping my foot into this Columbia blog business and trying it out. I do have my own blog where I document the things I do but I thought it would be nice for a change to blog on this page instead and make use of this unique feature that Columbia provides for us. Before I begin, quick introduction: Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m going to be a freshman at Columbia University. It’s pretty crazy that school is starting soon–in fact the countdown until I leave for college is 5 days! I plan on majoring in Computer Science in SEAS and likely minoring in Economics or Political Science. I am currently doing research on AI and Virtual Reality technology and how it can be developed to improve communication and other functions in our technology-driven world so I’ll most likely be documenting most of my research and findings on this blog for now! Apart from research, I also love to teach and choreograph dances, run for my track and field team, and program applications.


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