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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to have a blog?

Members of the Columbia community with a valid UNI are entitled to an individual blog. Just log in with your UNI and password and you will be connected to your “dashboard” page, where you can visit your new blog, edit entries, etc.

Student groups, administrative groups, and other organizations within Columbia may also request a blog. Send email to [email protected] with your request, including your UNI and a description of the blog you need.

If you are taking or teaching a course at Columbia and would like a blog for your class, please go to

How do I let others have editing privileges in my blog?

To allow others to contribute to or administer your blog, go to your blog’s dashboard, select “Users,” and click “Add UNIs.” Enter UNIs (NOT email addresses) one per line. Select an appropriate role and click “Provision Users.”

Does this service cost money?

This service is free of charge.

What if I want to add other themes or plugins?

Send mail to [email protected] with a link to the plugin or theme you wish to add. If the request is not too onerous, we will install the plugin or theme for you. However, we cannot install every single plugin and theme out there; some are not stable or cause conflicts with other plugins/themes. Also, once we have installed a plugin, we have to keep it up-to-date especially with security patches. But we will honor as many requests as we can.

How much space is my blog allotted?

Each blog has a limit of 50MB for uploaded files, e.g. images, with a per-file limit of 8MB.

Where can I learn more about using WordPress?

Take a look at the WordPress documentation site, at