Welcome to Columbia’s TASA!


Hello and welcome to Columbia TASA’s homepage!

CU TASA is Columbia University’s undergraduate Taiwanese American Students Association.

Our Vision:
College is a gateway between childhood and adulthood that shapes who we are. TASA provides a home where people can foster their interest in the Taiwanese-American community, create life-long friendships, and find inspiration from one another. We believe that when we unite people to promote the growth and presence of Taiwanese culture, they will be equipped with the support they need to follow their dreams.

Presidential Welcome:
On behalf of all the members of Columbia University’s Taiwanese American Students Association, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our organization. As a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, talents, and interests, we have found unity in sharing our enthusiasm for Taiwan with others. In doing so, our tight-knit TASA family of accomplished alumni and dedicated board members are also discovering and defining their roles within the Taiwanese-American community.

Coming into such a large and diverse campus as Columbia, I quickly found a home within TASA. Working collectively for our events such as Interboard, CASPY, and Taiwanese Festival Day consistently challenges me to explore what being a Taiwanese-American means to me. However, TASA extends far beyond the events that we host—TASA has truly become my family on campus. Whether it is exploring NYC or reaching out for advice and support, I I never have to look far and am blessed to be establishing these lifelong friendships.

Every year the people I meet through TASA amaze me. The passion and imagination of each of our members brings constant innovation and unique events that are relevant to the Columbia community. We are always looking for people to join our TASA family so I invite you to come out to our events, reach out to TASA members, and apply to join our board. We cannot wait to meet you!


Tiffany Bair
TASA President 2014-2015