Fall 2017

All meetings will be from 12pm to 1pm on Mondays. Lunch will be served.
Columbia University, Knox Hall, Room 501D

September 18 – Moran Levy (Columbia University): ‘Adequate Trials’: How the Search for Cancer Cures Shaped Leukemia Classification

October 2 – Ryan Hagen (Columbia University): The Matzo Plant and the Atom Bomb: Resource Accretion and the Production of Stability in Everyday Life

October 16 – Stephanie Barral (Institute for Research and Innovation in Society, Paris): “No Net Loss” of Biodiversity: What Economy Does to Environmental Sciences

October 30 – Luciana de Souza Leao (Columbia University): The Database Wars: The Evolution of Datasets of the Poor as a Struggle for Power in Mexico and Brazil

November 13 – Sarah Sachs (Columbia University): The Algorithm at Work: The Practice of Constructing Similarity at the Art Genome Project

December 4 – Joshua Hurwitz (Columbia University): Diagnosing Automation: Radiological Digitization and its Discontents

December 11 – Adrianna Bagnall (Columbia University): The Rise of Social Intelligence: Interdependent Indicators for the Measurement of Mental Deficiency

 If you have any questions or would like a copy of the paper prior to the meeting, please contact Larry Au (