Fall 2018

All meetings will be from 12pm to 1pm on Mondays. Lunch will be served.
Columbia University, Knox Hall, Room 501D

September 10 – Adrianna Bagnall-Munson (Columbia): “What a Mediminder does: Arranging Autonomy Through Technologies of Care”

September 17 – Claudio Benzecry (Northwestern University): The world at her fit: Scale-making, uniqueness and standardization

October 1 Martin Petzke (University of Lucerne): “Ethnicizing the ‘Person with a Migration Background’ in German Integration Policy. The Role of Statistical Monitoring Instruments.”

October 8 (4 pm in Knox 509) Talk by Jenny Reardon (UC Santa Cruz): “Just Genomes?” [sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Precision Medicine and Society Initiative, see more here]

October 15 – Luciana de Souza Leao (Columbia) and Diana Graizbord (University of Georgia): “The Cultural Work of Experts: Policy Evaluation and the Search for a New Bureaucratic Ethos in Brazil and Mexico”

November 12 (11 am in Knox 501D) – Jordan Brensinger (Columbia): “Restoring Your Good Name”: Identity Theft as a New Economic Insecurity

November 26 – Elizabeth Watkins (Columbia): “Information Security Practices in the Future of Work”

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the paper prior to the meeting, please contact Larry Au (