Spring 2018

All meetings will be from 12pm to 1pm on Mondays. Lunch will be served.
Columbia University, Knox Hall, Room 501D

January 22 – Eliza Brown (NYU): Diagnosis without Bodily Material: Stunted Multiplicity and the Specters of Disease

January 29 – Adrianna Bagnall (Columbia University): The Rise of Social Intelligence: Interdependent Indicators for the Measurement of Mental Deficiency

February 5 – Joonwoo Son (Columbia): Governing Economy through Indicators: Transformation of Use of Indicators in Japanese Economic Planning, 1960-1965

February 19 – Jeremy Ward (Aix- Marseille Université & Université Paris Diderot): Science in the Media, a Neoinstitutionnalist Approach: Diversity and Boundary-making in the French Coverage of the 2009 Pandemic Flu Vaccine’s Safety

February 26 – Lisa Owens (Columbia): Borders of Social Order: Surveillance at the Poverty/Crime Nexus

March 19 – Dan Hirschman (Brown): The Stylized Facts of Inequality

March 26 – Apollonya Porcelli (Brown): “Esoteric” science and Peru’s New Left: How the labor movement shaped environmental discourse

April 9 [Lecture] – Kathrin Zippel (Northeastern): Academic Nationality: How the .edu Bonus Helps U.S. Academics Abroad [event link]

April 16 – Sarah Sachs (Columbia): The Algorithm at Work: Structured Interactions and the Enactment of Similarity Matching in Art

April 23 – Larry Au (Columbia): Boundary Orientations and Translational Strategies in the Field of Chinese Medicine

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the paper prior to the meeting, please contact Larry Au (