New Directions in Prokofiev Studies

Image credit: Anna Ostroumova, Portrait of Serge Prokofiev, Paris, 1926, Reproduction, Serge Prokofiev Archive, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University

This symposium brings together leading international scholars to discuss emerging trends in Prokofiev scholarship. Special focus will be on research conducted at Columbia’s Serge Prokofiev ArchiveThe symposium is free and open to the public.


Welcome 9:30am

Panel 1: New Archives, Sources, Publications (9:40-11am)

Chair: Inessa Bazayev

Natalia Ermolaev (Columbia University/Princeton University) and Mark Saccomano (Columbia University): “The Serge Prokofiev Archive as Data”

Natalia Savkina (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory): “Preparing a New Edition of Documents from the Serge Prokofiev Archive

Rita McAllister and Christina Guillaumier: “Rethinking Prokofiev: New Research; A New Reference Book”

Panel 2: Perception and Reception (11-12:40)

Chair: Katya Ermolaeva

Nicolas Moron (Université de Lorraine) From Words to Music: Prokofiev, Grammar and Typography

Klara Moricz (Amherst College): “Soviet “méchanique” or the Bolshevik Sublime in Prokofiev’s Pas d’acier”

Julia Khait (Princeton University): “Sergei Prokofiev’s Career in Sovetskaia muzyka”

Viktoria Zora (Goldsmiths, University of London): Composition and Perception of Prokofiev’s First Violin Sonata, Op. 80″ 

Panel 3: Opera (1:45-3:10)

Chair: Nicolas Moron

Christina Guillaumier (Royal College of Music, London): “Prokofiev’s Operas: Problems and Perspectives”

Ondrej Gima (Goldsmiths, University of London): “The Fiery Angel (Original Version)”

Katya Ermolaeva (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Princeton University): “Prokofiev’s Compositional Process: Insights from the War and Peace Manuscripts”

Panel 4: Analysis (3:30-5pm)

Chair: Christina Guillaumier

Inessa Bayazev (Louisiana State University): “Balancing Prokofiev’s Trapeze: Historical and Analytical Perspectives”

Rita McAllister (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland): “Things in Themselves: The ‘Seeds of the Flowers’, and the 138 Questions You Wished You Could Have Asked Prokofiev”

Barbara Nissman (Professional Concert Pianist): “The Three Fifths- Prokofiev’s Fifth Piano Sonatas & Fifth Piano Concerto: A Performer’s View” 

The working language of the symposium is English. 

This event is sponsored by: The Harriman Institute and the Rare Book & Manuscript Library