I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for the Management of Systemic Risk at Columbia University, funded by a James S. McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellowship in Studying Complex Systems. I am looking for jobs to start in the middle of 2016.

Research interests

I study collective social phenomena and “domino effects”, ranging from how people collaboratively create good ideas to how the financial system undergoes crises to how sudden changes spread (such as protests in the Arab Spring). This work combines mathematical modeling  (often using dynamical systems and networks) with statistics and data science. Lately, I have been studying how contagious disruptions in supply chains might result in poverty traps, and I am collaborating with economists on a randomized controlled trial to assess how virtual social networks can enhance the creation of good business ideas in low-income countries.



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Recent publications

For more, please see the publications page.

Charles D. Brummitt, George Barnett, and Raissa M. D’Souza. Coupled catastrophes: sudden shifts cascade and hop among interdependent systems. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 12(112), November 2015.

Charles D. Brummitt, Shirshendu Chatterjee, Partha S. Dey, and David Sivakoff. Jigsaw percolation: What social networks can collaboratively solve a puzzle? Annals of Applied Probability, 25(4):2013–2038, August 2015.

Charles D. Brummitt, Rajiv Sethi, and Duncan J. Watts. Inside money, procyclical leverage, and banking catastrophesPLoS ONE, 9(8):e104219, August 2014.