Public Health Impacts of Climate Change
This course was taught in Spring 2019 at the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, 8 students, met M/W for 80 minutes.

Public health dimensions of climate change are of growing concern in both developing and developed countries. Climate-related health impacts may arise via heat waves, air pollution, airborne allergens, compromised ecological services, water- or vector-borne diseases, and shifts in agricultural productivity. Our ability to identify, understand, predict and ameliorate public health impacts of climate change will depend on how effectively we assimilate and synthesize information and tools from a range of disciplines, including atmospheric sciences, climate modeling, epidemiology, ecology, risk assessment, economics, and public policy. The overall objective of P8304, Public Health Impacts of Climate Change, is to lay a foundation for this cross-disciplinary perspective by engaging graduate students drawn from across the University in topical lectures, group exercises and discussions built around the emerging knowledge base on the public health dimensions of climate change.

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Coming soon:   Public Health and Classical Music
This is a course in development.

The course is meant to parallel the Music Humanities course at Columbia College but with a public health focus. With that in mind, this is still largely a music appreciation course but woven together using themes of public health (infectious disease, mental health, etc.) My end goal in this course is for students in a school of public health to develop a lifelong appreciation for classical music while learning how it is closely related to the field they study.

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