How Multimedia Mechanisms improve active learning:

October 2012-  Multimedia WORTH is a computer-supported version of the WORTH intervention and is a collaboration between SIG and CCNMTL. The multimedia intervention provides supplemental facilitator training, facilitator support resources, and participant activities. WORTH builds on CCNMTL and SIG’s previous intervention projects to provide a combination of group activities and private activities for participants, and to include a narrative and cast of video characters who help lead participants through the intervention exercises.

Participants will interact with Multimedia WORTH at two levels:
(1) group materials will be delivered via computer projection onto a screen and
(2) participants will complete individual activities and create journal logs tracking their progress on personalized goals on their personal user accounts using laptop computers.

We have found that Multimedia Worth has been an effective way of disseminating information and improving active learning by:

•Interactive games with high speed graphics to increase attention

•Four characters (fictional role models) are used throughout the sessions to increase emotional engagement and facilitate positive peer norms

•Use of storytelling by the  four characters

•Modeling of core skills by the fictional characters is followed by role play to increase intention and motivation to use skills

•Individual activities are recorded in an electronic log that participant may or may not share with group, which ensures confidentiality

• Electronic journal logs allow participants to systematically track and document progress

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