2019 Lessons From the LL.M. – Alejandro Awad Cherit

We asked the Class of 2019 to nominate their peers — whether inspirational leaders in the classroom or a student group,  activists or artists around New York City, or simply great friends and pizza companions — to share what they’ve learned over the course of their LL.M. year. The result, Lessons from the LL.M.

In Alejandro’s nomination, a peer said, “I am very lucky to meet Alejandro here at CLS. His passion towards his legal career, courage towards pursuing positive changes, along with his wisdom towards life deeply inspired me.” Here’s what Alejandro has to share:


Name: Alejandro Awad Cherit


Hometown: Santiago, Chile



I practiced as a criminal lawyer in a law firm that, together with close friends, I founded eight years ago.


What’s next?

First thing? Visit my nieces and nephews in Chile, The Netherlands and Argentina.


Three things you learned during your LL.M. Year: 

1) If it’s true that we live in language, changing one’s language is to be reborn. And it feels like it, only that this time I was born surrounded by adults!

2) It can be actually very fun to meet people as long as you are focused on learning about them instead of about yourself.

3) Enrique Lihn was right: I never abandoned Chile.


New York Moment:

It’s hard to choose between Seinfeld at Carnegie Hall, Woody Allen playing jazz one foot away from the audience at The Carlyle, following Del Potro to the final of the US Open, and a lucky day at Century 21. So I won’t.


Favorite Class:

It would be unfair to miss a chance to speak highly of the externship at the Antitrust Bureau of the OAG. The outstanding public vocation and the human qualities of every professional there are a model for every government agency.


Best Coffee Spot: Lenfest Café because of Raj and his fluent and gentle Spanish.


Best Place to Study: Any given park during the short months that the weather allows it.


LL.M. Protip:

Choose, complain, talk, fail, fall, stand up, fall, complain, stop complaining, smile, say hello, say goodbye, fall, trust in yourself, start from scratch, be proud, lose your pride. Stand up. 


Would you change anything? 

I would have loved to run more, to walk more, to read more novels, read more theory, more cases, attend more standup comedy shows, more plays, movies, restaurants, bars, conferences. To party more, travel more, sleep more, relax more, and worry less about what I should be doing and I’m not.