Lectures and Talks

This is an incomplete collection of Professor Kaviraj’s talks. We would be grateful if you could share links/files of other talks with us by email to [email protected] so we can upload them here.

On the idea of self in Tagore and Gandhi

7th Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Memorial Lecture

Historicism and the Study of the State

Nehru as a theorist of international order

Dark Genealogies: Ambedkar’s Struggle with the Historical Past

Pranab Bardhan, Sudipta Kaviraj, Ashis Nandy | Tagore and Nationalism

Oratory and the art of persuasion

Must we say what we don’t mean? On the language of Indian social science

Dark Genealogies: Ambedkar’s Struggles with History

Experience, Caste and Everyday Social | Gopal Guru | Sundar Sarukkai

The Second Mahabharat