Web Scraping Workshop with Python

On October 18th 2019, QASR hosted a web scraping workshop using python’s selenium package, led by QMSS student Yi Yin. It was an interactive workshop where we scraped from the web together. Not many students had web scraping experience, so step-by-step guides and pre-written codes made it easier and more approachable. Web scraping was done on two different websites. For the first, we worked on extracting information from a static page. For the other, Yi guided us on how to automate the whole process from loading the page, searching on the website for the information you want, clicking, extracting different types of information, finally putting the information to an organized table, and even downloading all the related data files! Thank you again Yi for teaching us beautiful automatization.
Information and files used for the workshop can be found in Yi’s github site.


Cloud Computing Workshop ✅

Special thanks to everyone who came out for our first technical workshop of the semester, Cloud Computing with QMSS student Sanjna Shenoy! We got a brief introduction to setting up a Google Cloud instance, installing anaconda, and setting up Jupyter Labs. We’ll be sending out some follow up materials to attendees so that they can recreate this process on their own. Keep an eye out for more technical workshops to be announced that will build on these new skills!

QMSS/QASR celebrate the Oscars

March 2, 2014
A Little Oscar (Study) Party

We had some QMSS students interested in watching the 86th Academy Awards together on a Sunday night. QASR reached out to the Coordinator at Uris Hall to reserve a classroom for our group of film aficionados. Despite some technical difficulties, we managed to get things up on the (somewhat) big screen in time to see the lovely Jared Leto accept the award for Best Supporting Actor.

Thank you to everyone who came and our guest hosts, Ben and Daniel.

86th Academy Awards in Uris

“He’s the prettiest… boy is he pretty.” — Ellen DeGeneres