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Graduate Student at Columbia University (GSAS)

Election Results – Spring 2020

On January 31st, QASR had its first board elections of the year. The previous holders of these particular board seats graduated this winter (congratulations!) and the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Alumni Chair and Community Outreach Coordinator were up for grabs. All ASGC (the Arts and Sciences Graduate Council) student organizations have a very detailed constitution. Accordingly, these elections were open to all GSAS students and were conducted through a written ballot. 

 Our new President was elected after an election between Sydney (Bolim) Son and Andrej Arpas. Both of these current QMSS students had passionate ideas about the direction QASR should head in this semester which contributed to the dynamics and themes of the new QASR board.  

 Interestingly enough, this semester we have a Statistics student as our Alumni Chair and the membership of the QASR board is larger than ever. This is the new list of QASR board members:

President – Sydney (Bolim) Son

Vice-President – Paarth Malkan 

Treasurer – Katie Aszklar

Secretary – Milton Liu

Alumni Chair – Wenxuan Dan

Community Outreach Coordinator – Carissa Caccia

Communications Coordinator – Dharini Srinivasan

Digital Media Coordinator – Sayali Nagwekar

QASR Representative to ASGC  – Louis Nix

 Currently, QASR is in the process of organizing several new events and workshops for QMSS and GSAS students. Watch this space for upcoming events from the new QASR team! Additionally, we have meetings every other Tuesday from 3.00 to 5.00 pm, which are open to all.  

 QASR welcomes the new board members and congratulates the old ones who have undertaken newer responsibilities!